Elon Musk illegally ‘threatened’ to retaliate against workers and Tesla repeatedly violated labor laws, NLRB says



Elon Musk

The National Labor Relations Board ruled Thursday that Tesla repeatedly violated labour laws.
The NLRB stated Elon Musk must get rid of a tweet that "unlawfully threatened" workers hoping to unionize.
Additionally, it stated Tesla has to rehire a marriage activist it fired at 2017.
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Even the National Labor Relations Board ruled Thursday that Tesla repeatedly violated labor laws by attempting to prevent workers from organizing and discussing working conditions.

In a 3-2 vote, the NLRB found Tesla broke the law by "coercively interrogating" workers engaged in lawfully protected organizing activities, using gag orders to stop them from talking about the media, also firing marriage activist Richard Ortiz at 2017 (the committee arranged Tesla to rehire the worker).

Tesla did not respond to a request for comment on this story.

The NLRB also dominated CEO Elon Musk "unlawfully threatened" workers within an 2018 tweet and has to eliminate it.

"Nothing stopping Tesla team at our auto plant from voting marriage. Could do this tmrw whenever they wanted. But why pay union dues & give up inventory choices for nothing? Our safety record is 2X greater than when plant has been UAW & everybody already gets health," Musk stated from the tweet.

US labour law allows organizations to maintain bad things could happen if workers unionize, but it doesn't even allow them to punish workers if they really perform unionize. Sothe NLRB stated, Musk breached those laws by stating workers "would shed their inventory options if they selected the Union as their representative. "

Musk's message came in response to increased attempts by workers at Tesla's Fremont, California, plant to make a union with the United Auto Workers (that the "UAW" Musk referenced at the tweet) amid what they stated were grueling working conditions.

UAW and Tesla workers had filed labour violation charges against Tesla at 2017, accusing it of attempting to silence pro-union workers, directing the NLRB to open an official complaint against the business.

Musk has clashed with workers in the Fremont factory over working conditions as then, also.

Last May, after public health dictates required nonessential companies to shut down in Alameda County, Musk reopened the mill at defiance of these orders. The county eventually reversed course and allow the factory restart operations after Tesla sued.

But a month later, several Tesla workers tested positive for COVID-19 despite promises from the company's safety chief there had been "zero COVID-19 workplace transmissions" since the plant reopened, along with general public health information has since identified over 450 cases tied to the mill , which has around 10,000 workers.

Tesla workers said that the company fired some workers who stayed home out of fear of catching the virus, even though telling workers they might do this.

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