Elon Musk Is Teaching A Monkey To Play Video Games Telepathically



In an incredibly odd confession, Elon Musk has revealed that he’s using a form of telepathy on monkeys. The richest man in the world has a lot of power thanks to his million dollar companies and various ventures, so much so that he can afford to spend time just playing with monkeys’ brains. The billionaire has spent a lot of his time in science with SpaceX, Tesla, and Nerualink.

Elon Musk has been making headlines constantly. Last week, Musk announced that new Tesla Model S will have the power to play games like The Witcher and even the controversial Cyberpunk 2077. The games can be played on the car’s dashboard screen using the car’s rather powerful processor, which is comparable to a PS5. Elon Musk also made the news when he helped turn GameStop’s stocks into riches following the giant push by Reddit to inflate the stock in a battle against Wall Street.

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Now, Musk is back in the news once again with monkeys (via Sky News). The Nerualink CEO took to social media app Clubhouse to briefly talk about his experiment with telepathy and primates. Musk claimed that they had wired up a monkey to “play video games with his mind”. The company has implanted a wireless implant in a monkey’s skull with tiny wires, but this doesn’t seem to be causing any kinds of ethical concerns. Musk noted the monkey is happy and that an inspector from the US Department of Agriculture said their lab was “the nicest monkey facility” they had seen.

Right now, Elon Musk is just testing the limits of the technology he has access to and seeing how it can be used to form a link between different monkeys. “One of the things we’re trying to figure out is whether we can have the monkeys playing mind pong with each other? That would be pretty cool,” said Musk.

While monkeys are the current subjects, Musk plans to move to humans with paralysis and Alzheimer’s. In theory, this could be used to treat other mental illnesses as well like depression, memory loss, and insomnia. One of the end goals is to even possibly use the technology to create a sort of memory save state that would allow a user to transfer their mind into another body. “So if you were to die your state could be returned in the form of another human body or a robot body,” said Elon Musk. “You could decide if you want to be a robot or a person or whatever.”

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Source: Sky News

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