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Tesla CEO Elon Musk sat down for an educational interview on Sunday’s 60 Minutes, in which he was grilled by Leslie Stahl over his usage of both Twitter and whether his tweets currently need to be screened.

Before this season, the 47-year-old billionaire was slapped with securities fraud from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission later he tweeted he was contemplating taking Tesla personal at $420, which we have since learned was allegedly motivated by smoking pot with the musician Grimes, his on-again-off-again girlfriend.

Both Tesla and Musk were fined $20 million in a settlement that has been reached with the SEC, and he also was forced to step down as his company’s chairman. As part of the settlement, Musk also had to agree that company communications, such as Twitter, could be overseen by his board.

But despite everything that happened, Musk seems unbothered concerning the details of a different possible catastrophe or the settlement, and he claims that nobody in Tesla censors or supervises his tweets.

“The sole tweets that would need to be assessed would be if an tweet had a probability of causing a movement in the stock, he clarified. “Otherwise, it’hello, therefore? First Amendment. ”

Elon Musk–while fighting off tears– he says that Tesla can't review his tweets due to”the First Amendment” which he does not respect the Securities and Exchange Commission, which punishes him and Tesla $40 million before this season. pic.twitter.com/hNH2UK6TmI

— jordan (@JordanUhl) December 10, 2018

“Freedom of speech is essential,” he continued missing the point. When asked how his plank can understand if a tweet is going to move the marketplace without the opportunity to examine them , Musk quite pretty answered, “We could make! ”

This was too much for even seasoned interviewer Stahl, who requested him and broke out in laughter ”Are you serious? ” “Nobody’so perfect,” Musk given. “I need to be clear, I do not respect the SEC. I don’t respect them. ”

Story, Elon Musk! Whether not the meeting gets him in hot water with the SEC remains to be seen, however, the court of public comment had a few thoughts.

70% chance elon handcuffs hismelf to twitter hq prior to the calendar year 's up https://t.co/cjR8cd6Lx7

— Ashley Feinberg (@ashleyfeinberg) December 10, 2018

The only appropriate reaction to anything Elon Musk does pic.twitter.com/gX3XxTzghh

— Dad (@fivefifths) December 10, 2018

The Tony Stark of yelling about tweets https://t.co/3bQQj9FO6k

— Ryan Perry (@rynprry) December 10, 2018

The First Amendment, initially ratified so censorship would be left to the countries, is currently every dumb guy's justification for having bad opinions https://t.co/lh1uWYfwZh

— The Give Smart Guy (@BobbyBigWheel) December 10, 2018

Best portion of this is if Leslie Stahl only says,”Are you serious?” https://t.co/cEdRVe0bId

— Elizabeth Spiers (@espiers) December 10, 2018

SEC Chair Jay Clayton to appear before a Senate tomorrow.

Can someone ask about Elon Musk stating he doesn't respect the SEC and the First Amendment prevents the board.

Is that how the SEC interprets the settlement? https://t.co/KJ6sx1jcOj

— Renae Merle (@renaemerle) December 10, 2018

I understand Twitter is enjoyable and people throw around being”addicted” to submitting in a hyperbolic way but Elon Musk literally cried on national TV when talking having his Tweets reviewed.


— jordan (@JordanUhl) December 10, 2018

Consider this further proof that Elon Musk should prevent doing interviews.

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