Elon Musk talks Mars, UFOs, Neuralink, Dogecoin, and more in Clubhouse session



Elon Musk lately went on drop-in audio chat support Clubhouse to participate in dialog about an assortment of interesting topics. Over the course of the session, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO spoke about SpaceX’so called Mars targets, aliens and UFOs, Cryptocurrencies, Neuralink, Lidar utilize, and much more. 

When asked about SpaceX’s Mars initiative, Musk said that he’s aiming to get to the red planet in about 5.5 decades. He’d emphasize that moving to Mars would probably not be a trip for its weak-hearted, since he stated that becoming to the entire world alone could be dangerous and hard. In addition, he said that while it typically takes about half an hour for Mars, SpaceX is looking to bring down this program to only about a month later on. 

Elon Musk: “It takes 6 months to get to Mars. We can potentially get that down to 1 month”

— Sawyer Merritt 📈🚀 (@SawyerMerritt) February 1, 2021

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Amusingly enough, Musk’s conversations about distance resulted in discussions concerning aliens and UFOs, that the CEO responded positively to. Musk noted that while there is not any single bit of conclusive proof that aliens do in fact exist today, this does not mean that humans are definitively alone in the universe. The CEO also poked fun at the typically-blurry pictures of UFO sightings, when he remarked that some fantastic proof of extraterrestrials should include somewhat clear photos. 

“When folks say that there are sightings of aliens, I say, ‘Listen person, that the resolution of the picture needs to be at least 7/11 ATM great, alright? We can’t have that Loch Ness monster b*llsh*t. It’therefore like, c’mon, is just like a 500-megapixel camera or what? What are you discussing? Where’d you find that thing? It’s got to be like the iPhone 6-level camera,’” Musk joked. 

Apart from his discussions on Mars and his jokes concerning UFO sightings, Musk also shared some information regarding his firms for example Neuralink, which he noted could be had to allow humans to maintain pace using a benign AI. He’d mention that Neuralink would likely be releasing some new videos showing its advancement in roughly a month or so, and it can be very exciting considering that the job that’therefore done from the startup. The CEO also touched cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, together with Musk staged that because destiny loves irony, it could be quite funny if DOGE becomes Earth’s money later on. 

Elon Musk on Neuralink” We'll be releasing some new videos showing our progress in about a month or so”

— Sawyer Merritt 📈🚀 (@SawyerMerritt) February 1, 2021

Musk spent some time discussing topics which have been addressed in the past, including Tesla’so battery programs and his stance on Lidar. Yet if there is one part of the session which stuck out, it had been when the CEO shared some insights on why there are few people like him. Musk clarified that his route is one that is painful and difficult, and is definitely not for the faint-hearted. “I felt a powerful propulsion to do what I’ve completed. You will find segments of my life which were long and painful and I’m not so sure folks would wanna do that… If you require encouraging wordsdon’t do a startup. Doing a startup is similar to eating glass and staring into the abyss,” Musk said. 

Musk noticed that a lot of what he does are really not fun, however he did say that he likes in-person meetings a lot more than email communications. “Anything’s better than meal frankly,” Musk said, including that context switching is a “thoughts killer. ” “It’s difficult to change between Tesla and SpaceX,” he added. Later during the session, Musk noticed that he’s considering probably taking a week off at some stage to breathe and relax a little, and possibly write a book of his experiences later on. 

Elon Musk’s Clubhouse session could be obtained below. 

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