Elon Musk: Tesla will remain a public company



Tesla will continue being a public firm, CEO Elon Musk said Friday night, less than three weeks later he announced to the entire world via Twitter he was considering taking the electric automaker private at $420 an talk.

Musk, who posted the statement by Tesla’s website , stated Friday that after talking with investors and exploring the procedure for taking the company private he believes the better path will be for Tesla to remain public. Musk met with Tesla’so board of directors Thursday and told him his choice. The board concurred he also wrote.

Here’s an excerpt:

Given the feedback I’ve received, it’s clear that almost all of Tesla’s present shareholders believe we’re better off as a public business. Furthermore, a number of investors have explained that they have internal compliance problems that restrict how much they could invest in a private firm. If we were private There’s also no path to have shares. Even though the majority of shareholders I spoke to said they’d remain with Tesla if we went confidential, the sentiment, in brief, ” “please don’t even do this. ”

I understood the process of going private would be hard, but it’therefore clear it would be much more time-consuming and distracting than originally anticipated. That is an issue since we must stay focused on ramping Model 3 and becoming profitable. We will not achieve our mission of advancing energy that is sustainable unless we’re also financially sustainable.

That said, my view that there is more than sufficient funds to take Tesla private was reinforced during this procedure.

Friday night’s announcement closes a tumultuous 17 days that started with Musk tweeting he procured funding and was considering taking Tesla private. The tweet wasn’t even embraced by the Tesla board or investors. In addition, it motivated the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to research .


While this 17-day ride might be more than the queries within Musk’s behavior (and potential drug use) and the organization ’s future are likely not.

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