Elon Musk voted by SpaceX and Tesla employees as one of 2018’s Best CEOs



It is no secret that the past 12 months have been particularly tough to get Elon Musk. While his businesses experienced landmarks such as the maiden flight of the Falcon Heavy along with the ramp of this Tesla Model 3, he has nonetheless courted a lot of controversies. However, despite all the drama surrounding Musk, Tesla and SpaceX employees have nevertheless voted him as one of the greatest CEOs of both 2018.

Workplace culture and reimbursement monitoring website Comparably recently released the outcomes of its 2018 Best CEO Awards. The website’s awards are decided from sentiment ratings provided by employees, who anonymously rated their employers about the Comparably.com website. The website ’s polls were conducted between November 26, 2017 and November 26, 2018, together with the site putting nearly 10 million ratings from around 50,000 US-based businesses this season.

One of the CEOs which were believed, SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk came outside as No. 19 in the poll ’s overall positions. Musk, aside from GM CEO Mary Barra (that was No.49) were the only CEOs from the auto sector that made it into Comparably‘s record. Musk was rated as the 14th most sought tech tech CEO, one of 29 chief executives which made it into the Top 50 ranks. Overall, Musk’s 19th overall and 14th in technology rank are quite remarkable, particularly since he did not make it into the website’s positions last year in any respect. Nevertheless, the majority of Elon Musk’s high ratings in Comparably‘s research came from employees at his personal space enterprise. 

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Looking at the votes against Tesla and SpaceX employees, it was obvious that Musk was ranked higher by his own employees at SpaceX. On a scale of 0-100, SpaceX employees gave Musk an average score of 83. People from Tesla, on the other hand, gave him a much more conservative 77 out of 100. If Comparably‘s research just focused on Musk’s ratings from his Tesla employees, he’d have missed a spot in Comparably‘s Top 50 Best CEOs listing once again. In a way, however, Musk’s average score from Tesla employees is truly pretty commendable, considering the firm had to pass through numerous tribulations over the past year due to this Model 3 dip.

Section of Elon Musk’s high ratings one of his employees is likely attributed to his personal style of leadership. During Tesla’s issues with the ramp of this Model X, Musk started sleeping on the Fremont mill ’s floor so he can “lead from the front lines. ” He embraced the identical strategy in the Model 3 dip, particularly when the business was pushing its self-imposed manufacturing aims at the conclusion of the next quarter. During this period period, anecdotes from the Tesla community indicated when the business was setting up GA4 about the cornerstone of Fremont, Musk may be seen torquing bolts with his employees.

Musk can be never one to shy away from putting the risk onto himself. A report by The Information last month signaled the Musk is Tesla’s resident test mule for the Autopilot software. The publication noted that Musk’s private vehicle is loaded with a pre-released “development construct ” of this driver-assist system, which permits the CEO to make the software as competitive as possible. This has enabled Tesla to identify bugs in Autopilot ahead of developments are rolled out, even though a part of the team has noticed that this resulted in Musk discovering himself in “situations that a number of us wouldn’t even want to be in. ”

During his latest 60 Minutes section, Elon Musk noticed that Tesla’s employees will be the unsung heroes of this Model 3 dip. Musk also said that through the very painful periods of the electric sedan’s production, he wished to ensure the difficulties he’s experiencing are worse than the challenges being faced by his employees. In addition, he defended his employees against the company’s critics.

“There’s been relentless criticism, both relentless and outrageous and unfair. Since what actually happened here has been an incredible American success story. These people work their ass off day and night to make it occur. And they believe in the fantasy. And ’s the story that really should be told.  I think there was just like literally 1 week where I worked 120 hours just didn’t abandon the mill. I didn’t go outside. I wished to ensure it is clear to the team. They needed to observe that however difficult it was for me personally, I would make it easier for me. ”

Comparably‘s Top 50 Best CEOs of 2018 record can be obtained here.

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