Elon Musk wants Teslas to automatically call a tow truck when something breaks



Since Tesla gets more automobiles on the road and ramps production up, the organization is working out a few speed bumps as soon as it comes to service. Getting it fixed will take longer than many owners are willing to wait, when something goes wrong for.

In September of this past year, Elon Musk guaranteed to create mending service times per priority. On an earnings call today, he outlined two manners which they ’re focusing on it: more spare components at service centers, and giving Tesla automobiles the ability to mechanically get the process started by calling a tow truck the moment it detects an issue.

Said Elon about the telephone:

The next thing we want to add is when something is detected by a car wrong — like even a drive unit collapse or a flat tire — that before the car has even come to a halt, there s service loaner and truck on the way.

False alarm? Don’t need a truck to appear? Now you ll be able to cancel it via the in-dash screen.

It sounds great, if they can get it to function . Pulling it off in one or two significant cities? Simple enough. But nationally, or global? This ’s a considerably larger issue.

Elon didn’t offer a time period for if such a feature could roll out.

Regarding spare components, Musk said that a number of the present methods for accessing components to service centers are “very boneheaded,” and that they’ve “just been like … super dumb on a number of the things [that they ’ve] done. ” As an example, he mentioned a service center in China which, when purchasing components which are made in China, should first wait for all those components to be sent out of China into a warehouse at the U.S. and back.

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