Home News Elon Musk Wants to Install a ‘Money Printer’ On Your Roof

Elon Musk Wants to Install a ‘Money Printer’ On Your Roof


Elon Musk Wants to Install a 'Money Printer' On Your Roof

While most of us were sleeping Sunday morning, Elon Musk was still begging. In a string of threads around 5:30 a.m. (EST), the entrepreneur announced his company, Tesla,’d re-launched Tesla Solar using a fresh panel leasing service as well as the choice to buy panels. “LMK what you think…& & rdquo; read Musk’s tweet

In accordance with Musk, homeowners can save $500 per year in utility bills, meaning s it & rsquo & ldquo ;like having a cash printer onto your roof if you live [in] a country. ” 

Tesla Solar just relaunched. Lmk what you believe … https://t.co/mDoPO17YB9

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 18, 2019

It’s no secret that the near future is in services, therefore it makes sense Tesla will relaunch its struggling renewable energy business with a subscription version. Like many subscription sign-ups, the process is intended to be as straightforward as you can — “just you click to order,” Musk stated .

In the design dash , would-be solar farmers can select the size they need (there is a size guide to assist ), enter their information (like address and credit card) and they’re in their way to harnessing the power of sunlight. Based on location, rates start at $50 a month and include setup, support, and maintenance. 

Renters won & rsquo; t even be locked into a contract, however a $ 1,500 fee will be incurred by trimming for removing the machine from the house. According to the company’s site , “Tesla does not earn a profit with this. ” However, should you’re operating on the smallest bundle, this cancellation fee is the equal to 30 months of lease — a hefty amount that challenges the assumed simplicity of cancellation

Tesla asserts that whether you choose to lease or buy solar panels, “both choices keep cash in your pocket right away. ” When we did the math to find out if solar panels have been worthwhile , we found those who put in them typically have to stick with them for at least 13 years before seeing the benefits. Nevertheless, leasing can definitely help cut down on some of the upfront costs of traditional solar panel installations. Whether renting or buying, it’s important for individuals to think about if their condition will make them rewarding (either via favorable weather or tax incentives). 

We also found out that just 22 to 27% of residential rooftops are appropriate for solar panels, according to a report by the U.S. Department of Energy. That is likely Tesla’s $100 down payment is fully refundable if your house isn’t solar-ready. The site also vaguely addresses the dilemma and warns “there could be additional upgrades demanded, e.g., electric major panel, concealed conduit, or re-roofs. ”  

The program seems to be in its first stages. Tesla says it’s offered in “many utilities,” but just six countries are contained on the list: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New Mexico. For countries which rsquo & didn;t even make the cut, Tesla offers the choice. 

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