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Elon Musk’s mother unearthed a 1995 photo of him fixing a car window, and he joked he’s come ‘full circle’ with Cybertruck


Elon Musk Maye MuskREUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Elon Musk’s mother tweeted a picture from 1995 of Musk fixing an old busted up car.
Musk tweeted back saying he used parts to fix the car, and at the photograph he is fixing a broken window.
“The circle is complete,” he added, referring back to the Tesla’s unveiling of the Cybertruck, when its supposedly armored windows shattered.
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Elon Musk’s mother tweeted a throwback image to the Tesla billionaire tinkering with an old car.

Maye Musk shared with the photograph on Tuesday, and said it was from 1995. In the picture Musk is 24, and is eight years away cofounding Tesla. See the remainder of the story at Business Insider

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