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EVE Online Player Honored In Amazing SpaceX Tribute | Screen Rant


There’s no shortage of touching in-game tributes to players and developers who have passed away but this one takes it to another level. EVE Online player Bruce Spike Macphee (known as Paradox Olbers in-game) recently passed away, and to carry on his legacy and love for the popular sci-fi game, his ashes were put on a SpaceX shuttle and sent to the stars.

The popular MMO is one of those games that really extends itself beyond the ones and zeros that make up its virtual world. EVE Online has seen multi-month long wars that cost hundreds of real-life dollars. To some people, it really isn’t just a video game. It’s a thriving community that is an extension of their real lives so it’s no surprise when long-lasting friendships are made.

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Charles White (also known as Max Singularity) shared the news of his friend’s send-off on Facebook and Twitter, which also saw Macphee’s name recognized in a SpaceX broadcast. The disabled player noted to White how much his friendship and the EVE Online community really meant to him. “I only see 3 people a year, but in SL and EVE, I see hundreds of friends,” Macphee once said.

For as toxic as the online gaming community can be sometimes, it’s beautiful to see the bonds it can create. As White noted, EVE Online was a crucial part of Macphee’s social life and likely brought a lot of joy to him to have a close circle of friends. It’s also incredible that a program like SpaceX allows fans of the final frontier the opportunity for that to be their final resting place. Now, Macphee rests in the hearts of his fellow EVE Online friends but also in the stars above us.

The community’s goodwill doesn’t stop at just creating friendships, though. EVE Online has also helped battle COVID-19, surprisingly enough. A community of players are helping real scientists examine cell structures to assess the effect of COVID-19 on blood cells. Players are rewarded with in-game currency for their participation and as of September, over 41 million submissions have been made. Scientists have actively encouraged players to keep assisting in their research. Needless to say, EVE Online has had a significant impact on millions of people, whether they know it or not.

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EVE Online is available on PC.

Source: MaxSingularity

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