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Favorite reads around the web this month ✨


Favorite reads round the Internet this past Month ✨

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Happy Friday, guys!

Are your 409s doing? 😉

Plucked out a lot of excellent articles for this season, therefore no speaking about how “bored” you are anytime soon like my 5 y/o likes to perform – EVEN ON CHRISTMAS DAY (!!!)

Consider such as your overflowing “toysjust they make you wealthy in the ending and never Take a damn battery…

Read anything yourself, recently?


taxes cartoonHow to Pay Less Taxes — A Very Cute Cartoon via Burrito Bowl Diaries — “You have to pay taxes, but you don’t like it. You would rather spend your days having fun, and fun and taxes are correlated – It’s MORE fun to cover LESS taxes, and vice versa. So what’s a person to do? ”

A Financial Independence Spreadsheet out of Mad Fientist — Want to consider your finances more severely in 2020? Start monitoring your cash in the FI Spreadsheet!

Total Cost of Ownership: Tesla Model 3 Compared to Audi A5 and Toyota Camry via EVANNEX — “Using 2019 statistics, the new study reached the surprising conclusion , when most relevant variables are taken into consideration, Model 3, that is indisputably a superior automobile, is marginally cheaper to own and run over a five-year interval than Toyota’s mass-market sedan. ”

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The ‘Strange, Unduly Neglected Prophet’ via NPR — “He proposed a new sort of paper money that could have an expiration date. The invoices would need to be periodically stamped for a charge, to prevent expiration. Without a stamp, they’d become worthless… Gesell thought money would be kept by this whizzing through the machine, preventing depressions and increasing public prosperity. ”

Budgets Really ARE Sexy! Using J. Money via BiggerPockets Money Podcast #103 –“In this episode we cover: J. Money’s journey with cash, what his largest financial regret is, making money on purchasing and selling sites, where he got his website name from, the “no more spend month” struggle, his net worth, his advice on starting a website, the reason he was known as the Miley Cyrus of finances. ”

‘Kakeibo’: The Japanese Art of Saving Money via CNBC — “Kakeibo, perceptible “kah-keh-boh,” translates as “home financial ledger. ” Invented in 1904 with a lady named Hani Motoko (notable for being Japan’s first female writer ), kakeibo is a simple, no-frills method of managing your own finances. ”

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Keanu Reeves on Money via Medium — “Keanu Reeves rarely talks about cash — but if he does, it’s life-changing. Selecting one of those goals as your attention will produce more money than you can ever anticipate. ”

The Economics of Unused Gift Cards via The Hustle — “Every year, Americans spend billions of dollars on gift cards. When the cards aren & rsquo; t but what happens to this money?

You Can Literally Sell Your Poop For Cash via Scary Mommy — “I understand. I KNOW. Who on God’s green earth might want to give their dung? According to The New York Times, a number of people would. And are those folks for donating over their own chocolate lava making a pretty penny, but they’re helping to save lives. ”

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Overcoming Your Demons by Morgan Housel — “About 20% of kids stutter. Most outgrow it by age 5. Approximately 1 stutter by age 10. A blessed 0.1percent stutter into adulthood, with a few little fraction of that being chronic enough to affect their everyday life. I’m one of these … Maybe you’t discovered, perhaps you harbor ’t. But I wish to tell my story, because it ends nicely. ”

Changing My Attitude… Changed My Life! By 5 A.M. Joel — “Instead of walking out the door, I went right to the pub and ordered two pints of Guinness. One for another, and also me forhellip; me. I returned to my desk of friends and declared that I was there to have a good time, and I am in a bad mood! They all cheered! And then an angel appeared…”

Twitter must determine what to do with dead people by MIT Technology Review — “Twitter stated it would shut down any accounts that hasn’t logged in for a few months, beginning from December 11. It wasn’t prepared for the backlash. ”

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How To Go Deeper In 2020 via Raptitude — “Taped to the door of my pal ’s apartment, right at eye level, is a Anais Nin quotation: “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it’s only by this meeting that a new world is born. ””

The Dog Walking Side Hustle via Black Tee Money — “This is my Wag Walker review, based on my experience thus far. As the time of the posting, I’t completed approximately 80 Wag walks. Furthermore, my present evaluation is 4.99 from 5 stars. ”

Life Hacks I’t Picked Up From The Death Notices via The Globe and Mail — “I spend Saturday mornings having a coffee in 1 hand and my newspaper’s passing finds at another … What exactly is it that makes me want to understand these folks? I have been asking myself the identical issue for a couple of years. ”

And finally …

A great new website I came across —SpreadsheetMan.com — “I have used spreadsheets for years — creating all types of business calculators, fun simulations, data collectors, analyses of industry agreements, pricing calculators, and every thing else you can imagine — and a few things that you couldn’t;-RRB- … Over the years I create spreadsheet solutions to interesting issues and I share them . ”

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