FedEx Going EV-Only, GM’s New BrightDrop Unit Could Benefit



The U.S. Postal Service has been dipping their toes into the waters, however, FedEx has announced plans to go carbon–impartial by 2040.

Included in this effort, the shipping giant is creating an original investment of more than $2 (£1.4 / €1.6) billion into vehicle electrification, renewable energy and carbon sequestration.

On the electrification the front, the entire FedEx parcel pickup and shipping fleet will soon be electric by 2040. That’s off a ways, but FedEx comes with a massive fleet which can’t be changed overnight.

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Instead, the company is taking a gradual approach as 50 percent of FedEx Express global vehicle purchases will be electric by 2025. Five year later, in 2030, all newly purchased vehicles will be electric. As this is happening, vehicles powered by internal combustion engines will be phased out and replaced with the new EVs.

The company didn’t say much regarding the EVs, however FedEx is going to be the first client to get the EV600 out of GM’s new BrightDrop device .  As we mentioned earlier this season, the EV600 is a semi annual shipping van which will have a variety of up to 250 miles (402 km) on a single charge.

Besides switching over to an electric car fleet, FedEx will continue to purchase alternative fuels to reduce aircraft and vehicle emissions. The company will also make their facilities more eco-friendly, purchase carbon capture options, and work with customers to offer end-to-end sustainability due to their supply chains.

Getting back to shipping vehicles, FedEx joins a growing number of companies which are embracing EVs. Amazon is purchasing 100,000 electric delivery vans from Rivian along with the first have already hit the roads of Los Angeles. Theyrsquo;re set to arrive up to 15 other cities this season and are part of this retailer’s aim of having net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

What’s more, FedEx rival UPS has strategies deploy 10,000 electric delivery vans out of Arrival in North America and Europe.

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