First look at Tesla’s Sentry Mode HAL 9000 ‘Space Odyssey’ Easter Egg



A photo in the Model 3 proprietor has given a short, first appearance at Tesla’s recently-released Sentry Mode. As it turns out, Tesla’s new security attribute contains one quite appropriate and trendy Easter Egg as it gets triggered — the domineering crimson “eye” of HAL 9000 in the classic sci-fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The image of this triggered Sentry Mode was published onto the r/TeslaMotors subreddit from u/Spamium, that had been fortunate enough to receive the security upgrade now. As stated in Tesla’s blog article about the feature, Sentry Mode includes a very clear warning on the Model 3’s center display, with all the phrases “Recording,” “Sentry Activated” along with “Protected by Tesla” observable on the monitor.

A picture of Sentry Mode’s display.

Tesla’s Sentry Mode includes a trendy mention for ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ — the red ‘eye’ of HAL 9000, one of the sci-fi industry’s notable villains thus far. (Photo: Spamium/Reddit)

Using a HAL 9000 Easter Egg since the headliner to get Sentry Mode’s display makes feel for Sentry Mode, taking into consideration the personality ’s notoriety in sci-fi cinema. Back in 2001: A Space Odyssey, HAL 9000 is an AI that oversees the systems of their Discovery One spacecraft. Over the duration of the film, HAL 9000 becomes dangerous, finally leading to the death of all but one among this ship’s crew. HAL was depicted in the sci-fi classic for a camera lens containing a yellow or red dot, which provides the feeling of their computer having an all-seeing “eyecatching. ”

Considering Sentry Mode’therefore works, HAL 9000’s reddish “eye” is a true representation of this safety attribute. Together with Sentry Mode enabled, the external cameras of Tesla’s electrical cars would start recording videos in the own surroundings. This would permit them to catch would-be thieves. Based on Tesla’so called blog article concerning the newly released feature, it appears that the Tesla community member’s Model 3 has been to “Alert” manner when the picture was taken. 

Upon activation, Sentry Mode enters a “Standby” country, monitoring the vehicles’ environment using the video feed in the electrical automobiles ’ external cameras. In case a minimal danger is detected, Sentry Mode will probably change into an “Alert” condition , which would place a visible warning to the automobile ’s display saying that cameras are still now recording. In the case of a genuine break-in, Sentry Mode could put in its “Alarm” country, which would activate the vehicle increase the brightness at the center display to provide some freshness, and play loud music at maximum volume.

Once Sentry Mode reaches the “Alarm” state, owners could be given a warning in their Tesla mobile program telling them that an event has happened. Owners would then be able to download a movie recording ahead of the danger has been detected  also. It ought to be noted that just like the built-in dashcam feature, Sentry Mode takes a USB drive plugged to the car to enable video recording.

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