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First look at the Tesla Semi’s strangely-shaped, generous frunk


A sighting of the Tesla Semi has supplied a rare first look at the all-electric truck’trunk, better called the car community for a frunk. Pictures taken of the storage space indicate that the Semi’s frunk is in fact a pretty decent size, which will allow more items to be stored by drivers at the all-electric vehicles.

The picture of the Tesla Semi’s frunk was supplied by entrepreneur and Tesla enthusiast Jerome Mends-Cole, that conducts SacTesla, a business that rents out electric cars like the Model 3, S, and X. Being close friends with the staff of Tesla’s Rocklin Store, Jerome received a call in the socket notifying him that the Semi would be paying a visit in the place.

The Tesla Semi’s frunk. (Credit: Jerome Mends-Cole/ / Facebook)

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The Tesla entrepreneur was at the region with his own son. The father and son duo immediately drove over in their Model X to the Rocklin Store, where they have been greeted by the enormous, red-wrapped Tesla Semi. Tesla’s engineers were fine enough to allow Jerome take photographs of the vehicle, at one stage even opening the all-electric truck’s frunk for some photos and videos.

As can be seen from pictures of the vehicle, the frunk of the Semi was shaped irregularly, although the Tesla entrepreneur noted that the space was ample. In a message to Teslarati, Jerome pointed out the Semi’so called frunk looked in precisely exactly the identical dimensions since the frunk of the Model S or X, although the storage space appeared like it’d “a capacity to move deeper. ”

This sizable, additional storage area in the Tesla Semi could be one of these items that are tiny that truck drivers might love in the all-electric motor vehicle. While big, diesel-powered sleeper cabs have an abundance of storage areas, short-route vehicles such as daycabs don’t normally consume as far places to save items. Considering that the Tesla Semi will be deployed for short-haul routes considering that the automobile ’s 300-500 mile range, the extra storage s frunk.

Tesla has noticed that the Semi will begin manufacturing roughly a year after the first planned manufacturing date of 2019. Nevertheless, the electric car maker has noticed that the Semi has gone through developments because it was introduced back in 2017. Elon Musk, for example, has previously noted that the vehicle will have an array that is closer to 600 mph, instead of the first 500-mile estimate.

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