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Ford F-Vision Future Truck Concept Is An Electric, Autonomous Semi


Ford used the Hannover Motor Show to present the upgraded Transit household , but the company also had a surprise — the most F-Vision Future Truck concept.

Unveiled earlier now, the F-Vision isn’t even a trailer of the next-generation F-150 but rather a futuristic semi made by Ford Otosan in Turkey. The company didn’t even say much about the design, but the images show it has an aerodynamic design.

The concept includes massive brakes and a section which features air intakes which are surrounded by LED lights. We could even view a flush-mounted door which offers access to the cabin and camera side mirrors.

The aerodynamic design expands to the cargo trailer as it comprises sculpted panels and recessed wheels. The end result looks futuristic than the standard box which are a common sight on the highway.

Ford was surprisingly tight-lipped concerning the notion, but Motor Authority states that the F-Vision comes with an electric powertrain plus a Level 4 semi-autonomous driving platform . The latter should allow the truck to drive itself.

The concept utilizes lightweight parts and features that an “interactive front end” can display designs. That’s obscure, but a diamond-like pattern being projected on the front of the semi is shown by among those photographs.

While the notion shares some similarities with all the other futuristic semis, Ford allegedly stated the F-Vision was inspired by Marvel superheroes. This looks plausible that the front of the concept sort of resembles Ironman’s apparel.

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