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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Green New Deal 


The Green New Deal is a phrase that’s been thrown around lately as a potential option to address serious problems associated with climate change. While many individuals have learned about this proposal, there are still a lot of questions regarding what it actually involves. The Green New Deal is a phrase that builds off of the New Deal that was run by Franklin Roosevelt shortly following the Great Depression. By coining a word such as the Green New Deal, legislators are trying to build off of the successes that came in the New Deal, which had been in effect roughly 80 decades back. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the proposals of the Green New Deal. What are a few of the most frequent questions?

What Exactly is the Green New Deal?

In the Green New Deal, the government doesn’t fund jobs directly but instead provides financial backing to promote many different sources of clean energy. A Few Examples of electricity include:

Water power such as plants
Solar power such as solar panels
Wind energy like windmills

Especially, the Green New Deal will try to alter the nation ’s dependence from fossil fuels and carbon emissions, instead deciding to focus on “green” sources of clean energy. By cutting the nation ’s consumption of fossil fuels, the expectation is that the rate of climate change will begin to slow. 

What Does the Green New Deal Do?

The aim of the Green New Deal is to shift the nation to 100% visibility on zero-emission energy sources over the next 10 decades. Even though this is a excellent goal, it’s a tough ask. Presently, about 80% of the nation ’s energy needs are met from the nation ’s consumption of fossil fuels. The nation would attempt to create tax incentives for people to utilize green sources of power . Additional the Green New Deal also seeks to improve the amount of educational opportunities that are available in this sector.

How Does the Green New Deal Plan to Accomplish These Goals?

Unfortunately, the particulars of this program are still mostly unknown. In the resolution that has been placed before Congress, the bill attempted to exhibit the problems of climate change alongside the Green New Deal with an elevated feeling of urgency. Before this point, a number of the plans to address carbon emissions are met with legislation such as an increased tax on fossil fuels. In the minimum, the Green New Deal has led to an increased discussion surrounding climate change. On the flip side, the particulars at this point are still very much unknown.

How Much Does the Green New Deal Cost?

This is another frequent question; however, without any particulars of this program, it’s tough to estimate the cost of this program. A number of the first estimates have come in at around $1 billion per year for the next 10 decades. Though many folks believe that the United States can take care of a much larger deficit, it will still be hard to maneuver a plan through Congress before the amounts become more concrete. 

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