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Get Ready for Electricity at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show

Get Ready for Electricity at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show

They do this in hopes of seeing exciting new performance automobiles, when car enthusiasts go to auto shows. Sure, seeing some new models that are efficient or affordable is interesting but not thrilling. Watch the million-horsepower supercar that is new is what we wanna see, right? Well, if that’s what you’re looking for, the BMW stand at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show might not be where you want go. This ’s because BMW is going electric in Geneva, showing off a few new electrified models.

Sure, there will be new BMW performance cars in Switzerland, such as the BMW M850i, M340i and the M2 Competition. However, the debuts, what the Bavarians are pushing, are going to be electrified.

Vehicles in Geneva will be the BMW X3 Hybrid and X5 Hybrid, each of which will be very interesting. The hybrid BMW X3 is the first of its kind but the hybrid X5 will be in its second generation. The X5, the BMW X5 xDrive40e, was a fantastic car but a faulty one. We’re expecting this new one solves a lot of the car issues.

There will also be the debut of the BMW 745e, the brands new 7 Series, also in its second generation. Again, the previous-gen BMW 740e was a car that is fantastic but it had its shortcomings as a hybrid. With new engine, a new chassis, more energy and more range, the BMW 745e should be significantly improved over the car it replaces.

The BMW 7 Series LCI in general will be on hand, not just the hybrid model. If you’re looking to see its nostrils that are massive the Geneva Motor Show is where you wanna be. Though, look for the ALPINA B7, it’s better looking.

Though, the greatest BMW news needs to be the upcoming BMW 330e plug-in hybrid. The 330e will be the best-selling hybrid vehicle in BMW’s lineup while also being the car that BMW will use to attempt to steal some sales from the Tesla Model 3. It s the car although whether that works is an entirely different conversation that will try to lure Model 3 buyers away from Silicon Valley and over to Bavaria.

Should you need some internal combustion engine excitement, the BMW 8 Series Night Sky Edition will be in Geneva. The 8 Series in any form is a stunner but the Night Sky Edition, although maybe a little superfluous is much prettier.

So while the 2019 Geneva Motor Show won’t be full of a ton of combustion that is fiery, it will be packed with a lot of electrification. That ’s exciting enough.

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