GM CEO Says Tesla Won’t Acquire Any Of Its Plants Due To UAW Workers



General Motors CEO Mary Barra shut down rumors regarding the risk that Tesla could buy one of the soon-to-be-idled U.S. factories.

USA Today reports that GM’s boss confessed there was discussions about Tesla buying either GM’s plant at Detroit or the one in Lordstown, Ohio, each of which are likely to close soon within the business ’s restructure plan that includes a few models being murdered.

“There have been discussions before,” Barra stated during a presentation for analysts and investors. “But Tesla’s not interested within our workforce represented by the UAW, so it’s a moot point. ”

Even the UAW (United Auto Workers) union has a very long history with Tesla, using enticed the Palo Alto-based EV manufacturer of banning its employees from organizing a union and discussing safety issues. Tesla has been denying UAW’s fees and both are currently battling it out at a courtroom .

Elon Musk has expressed interest in buying among GM’so factories, following the information of General Motors’ restructure plan.

In the end, it wouldn’t be the first-time Tesla buys an unused manufacturing facility, since the Fremont mill in California was previously a joint venture between Toyota and GM. This time, though, the proposed strategies seem to come connected using UAW employees, which apparently will be really a sticking point.

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