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GM could resurrect iconic brand Hummer – Report


GM may be likely to reintroduce Hummer, its iconic manufacturer for pickup trucks and SUVs, reports Reuters. This could occur in 2022, suggests the business news book in its report.

GM can revive the Hummer new as ancient as early next decade.

Back in May 2010, GM rolled from the Hummer available to a customer – an H3 – in the Shreveport, Louisiana plantlife. But as early as , the legendary marque that is off-roader may be revived by the business, albeit with all vehicles of entirely different genes. It plans to construct a new variety of electric pickup trucks and SUV in its Detroit-Hamtramck plant beginning in 2021, and it might revive Hummer with a few of them, individuals with all the know-how of its plans have said.

This program is reported to be known as ‘BT1’ and is the most significant part the projected $3 billion investment in the Detroit-Hamtramck plant for producing electric trucks and vans. In a broader view, this program falls under the $7.7 billion investment planned from the U.S. plants over the next four years. All this is based on a labour arrangement between GM and UAW.

UAW created the above investments of GM public on Friday, but no matter its specifics. Having attained success with the lower-priced and volume model Chevrolet Bolt, GM is taking things the Tesla way – a top notch strategy. It’ll launch versions that are expensive with advanced technologies first, then move to more lower-priced versions.

Hummer H3The last Hummer unit intended for private sales – that an H3 – was created in May 2010.

Low-volume production of the first BT1 model, a pickup truck (codename: Project O), is scheduled to start in late 2021. A performance version of the same will probably be released followed by an SUV in 2023. According to an open source source, the Hummer name is “under rdquo & consideration;. GM will utilize a new dedicated electric vehicle architecture, including ldquo a &;skateboard” chassis that combines electric batteries and motor.

[Source: reuters.com]

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