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GM to adopt Tesla-like strategy for its electric car push: report


GM is reportedly seeking to announce its own plans to set a family of electric vehicle drive systems and motors into manufacturing, allowing the enterprise to increase its production efficiencies in its attempts to roll out a lineup of vehicles that are more sustainable. The move comes as the veteran automaker adopts a strategy that seems to replicate much of equal Tesla’s vertically-integrated operations. 

As noted in a Reuters report, an impending GM media release will announce that the company has plans and designed to fabricate five synonymous drive components and three motors by itself. All these components, according to the publication, will be known as the “Ultium Drive” method. GM notes that these brand new electric drive systems will feature power that’s versatile enough to be used in various EVs, from monster pickups to high-performance cars. 

Interestingly enough, GM’s vertically-integrated strategy seems to have been teased by Adam Kwiatkowski, GM’s executive chief engineer for global electric propulsion, in an interview with the publication last week. According to Kwiatkowski, GM will be able to better incorporate the components with the remainder of its vehicles by designing its electric drive systems in-house. This technique is very much like the system embraced by Tesla, which designs and produces most of its EVs’ components in-house. 

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“GM designed these drive components concurrently with a complete gambit of electric vehicles that fill out our portfolio. They become synergistic and also make them a really efficient bundle that’s great for the operation of the automobile, great for driving customer excitement, and most significantly it’s great for cost efficiency. The newest self-designed technology means more of the battery energy now goes to the street, which can help make GM’s EVs more economical,” the executive said. 

According to the executive, this type of strategy could have numerous advantages. GM’s forthcoming electric cars may have greater driving range, by way of instance, or even a lesser amount of batteries may be used to accomplish a target range. Smaller, more optimized drivetrains might be used for vehicles too, offering passengers with increased room. Kwiatkowski added that performance might also be enhanced, with vehicles boasting a more spontaneous reaction.  “There is very very little, entirely undetectable motor lag, so after you get into the accelerator pedal the vehicle reacts in a really smooth fashion,” the executive mentioned. 

That said, GM does not mean to let go of its conventional providers just yet. Based on Phil Lienert, a spokesman in the veteran automaker, GM will consider purchasing drive components and other crucial EV parts from suppliers sometimes, even if the organization is already directing the design, development, and production of its “Ultium Drive” units. 

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