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Goldeneye 007 Mod Puts Tesla’s Cybertruck Where It Really Belongs


The Tesla Cybertruck was finally unveiled to much fanfare and mixed reviews last week; amid the flurry of all memes the automobile moved, possibly no repurposing of tech giant Elon Musk‘s pet project was far more apropos than its insertion as a mod to GoldenEye 007 for its Nintendo 64. With critics of this automobile bemoaning its angular sharp and exterior shapes, the blocky, pixelated presentation of the game may just offer the best visual accompaniment.

After years of teasing his latest creation, Musk finally showed off the Cybertruck for the first time on November 21 in the Tesla Design Studio, directly next to SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles.  Undoubtedly, a lot of good came out of this case for Tesla – on Tuesday, by way of instance, Musk tweeted that the automobile had reached 250,000 pre-orders.  However, it’s difficult to say it was a home-run for the firm given some of their criticism, as well as a failed drop evaluation performed on-stage by leader of layout Franz von Holzhausen that led in the Cybertruck’s windows being broken.

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YouTube consumer Graslu00, that has been playing GoldenEye and running custom levels on his station lately, tapped to the Cybertruck media frenzy by essentially modding both the vehicle and Musk himself to Mission 6, Part III of this classic shooter, which takes place on the streets of St. Petersburg. Much like the GoldenEye film, where Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond utilizes an Soviet Army T-55 to chase General Ourumov and also a captive Natalya Simonova through the city, the degree is well-known for giving players the ability to place 007 in a tank and also dispatching significant levels of enemies with it. At Graslu00’s mod, the tank is replaced with the Cybertruck, but all of the destruction remains undamaged.

Prior to taking control of this Cybertruck from the mod, Musk and Bond deduce that Ourumov is at a vehicle that isn’t eco friendly and agree he must be stopped. Musk then proclaims he would like to watch fossil fuels out of action, then immediately returns to SpaceX. In the end of the assignment, Graslu00’s first completed task is recorded as’Contact Elon Musk.’

Even the Cybertruck feels at home in GoldenEye 007 for more reasons than you. Does its blocky design fit right in with the low-poly, 64-bit graphics of the mid-’90s, but Musk actually alluded to plans for an amphibious automobile according to Wet Nellie – that the 1976 Lotus Esprit S1 which was modified to a working submarine to get a scene in what was perhaps Roger Moore’s greatest twist as Bond in 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me earlier this year. Eon Productions haven’t been a studio which shies away from product positioning or debuting vehicles in Bond films, either. The Cybertruck would look at home from Bond’s 2020 yield, No Time to Die.

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Resource: Graslu00/YouTube

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