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Google Maps Now Lets You Filter EV Charging Stations By Plug Type


A new feature has been added to Google Maps that permits users to hunt for electric vehicle charging stations that have the ideal types of plugs for various vehicles.

When you open up Google Maps on your smartphone and hunt for nearby charging stations, then a filter box will appear that allows you search for specific plug kinds. These include J1772, CCS (Combo 1), Type 2, CCS (Combo 2), CHAdeMO, and Tesla.

Google has been planning to make life a bit simpler for electric car owners lately. Before this year, Google Maps was upgraded using a quality that states whether or not a charging channel is in use.

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The option to search for charging stations by plug kind doesn’t even seem to work everywhere. The Verge notes , although it works in the U.S. and UK, and we found it to operate in Australia on both the Android and iOS apparatus, it couldn’t filter out the chargers by type in Amsterdam.

While it will be nice if most of EVs used the same types of plugs, which ’therefore unfortunately not the case. Plug types vary between countries. At the U.S., most automobile manufacturers use CCS connectors for DC rapid charging but the likes of Nissan and Mitsubishi continue to use CHAdeMO and Tesla has its own proprietary plug.

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