Grimes, Azealia Banks to be subpoenaed in class action lawsuit against Elon Musk



Tesla creator Elon Musk got himself into a lot of difficulty with investors and the SEC straight back at the summer of ’18 when he tweeted plans to take his electric car company confidential. Both parties resisted the billionaire entrepreneur of fraud, with the prior filing a class action lawsuit against him to making “untrue and misleading statements. ” Now, rapper Azealia Banks and Musk’s celebrity (ex? Still fuzzy with this) girlfriend, Grimes, are hauled into the suit and are soon to be subpoenaed.

To recap: Musk delivered out a tweet in early August he had “funds procured ” to shoot Tesla private at $420 an talk. Apparentlyhe thought the number would amuse Grimes, who had taught him that the meaning of 420 in marijuana culture. Later that month, Banks revealed she’Id spent a harrowing weekend such as “a true [life] incident of Get Out” together using Grimes in Musk’s home, right when the infamous tweet was delivered. The rapper told Business Insider she watched Musk “scrounging for investors” later screaming, also alluded on Instagram he might have written the message whilst on acid.

None of this was good news for Tesla, that took a beating on the stock exchange. Investors were understandably livid, and a number of them are now suing the company and its creator. Since Business Insider accounts, attorneys for the plaintiffs are granted permission from the court to subpoena Banks and Grimes, as well as their own company, The New York Times, also Gizmodo (the latter two of that interviewed Musk regarding the tweet), at the situation.

The subpoenas are especially geared toward maintaining documents, meaning Grimes and Banks wouldn’t be permitted to ruin anything that might be viewed as evidence. This includes any documents that might be in their ownership, such as text messages, Instagram articles, and tweets.  Attorneys for its investors argued that social networking texts and posts are “exceptionally prone to deletion. ” While the court agreedthe filing also noticed the “assert that Defendants have a practice of trying to silence critics isn’t well supported” also it had been “largely speculative” that Banks might have been forced to ruin such evidence.

Not long after Banks’ initial storyline went public, she apologized to Musk for causing him all this trouble. Well, the karma has come around, and now she be apologizing to the mirror.

We’ve achieved to agents for both Banks and Grimes to find out more.

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