Grimes calls Azealia Banks a “narc” in leaked text message correspondence



Last week, a judge ordered Grimes and Azealia Banks to preserve all of Twitter, Instagram, along with text message conversations about Elon Musk’s “420” tweet. But following Musk’s attorneys attempted to discredit her as a witness, Banks has opted to share her correspondences using Grimes to the whole world to see.

First a quick refresher: Musk, the billionaire creator of Tesla, sent a tweet out in ancient August falsely claiming that he had guaranteed funding to choose his company private in $420 a share. Apparently, Musk thought the amount would amuse his girlfriend, Grimes, who’d taught him that the meaning of 420 in marijuana civilization. After that month, Banks disclosed  that she’d spent a harrowing weekend such as “a real [life] incident of Get Out” using Grimes in Musk’s home, right when the notorious tweet has been sent. Banks advised Business Insider that she saw Musk “scrounging for investors” afterwards tweeting, and alluded on Instagram that he may have written the message while on acid.

The tweet cost Tesla countless dollars in valuation, and Musk is now facing a lawsuit against many of the business ’s investors.

Musk’s team had expected to stop Banks from testifying in the lawsuit.  “She really is currently a ‘veteran long and nonsensical beefs [with ] feuded with everyone from Sarah Pain to Nick Cannon,’ Musk’s lawyer Dean Kristy argued in a legal filing.  “She stays a ‘Twitter villain even after being banned by the service’; she went to a rant on Instagram ‘this began as a delirious review of colonial wealth and racial privilege, [and] turned into a eugenicist denigration of both Musk because of caveman. ’”

In reaction, Banks suggested she has “a lot more dirt to spill on Elon,” including, “This will get extremely nasty. I may be a great deal of things but a liar isn’t among these. Elon will learn quite soon who is stronger of us two. ” Now, Banks has shared her text message correspondence using Grimes dating back to August 16th, 2018 — nine months following Musk’s “420” tweet.

From the text messages (via reddit),” Grimes repeatedly refers to Banks as a “narc”, and the two women trade insults about another ’s physical appearance.

Banks formerly apologized to Musk for “all the painful events that you ’ve endured” and invited him to “just speak to me directly bc This really is getting out of hand. ” However, at a later Instagram message, she accused Musk of “hack on [ing] my telephone, my pc, my site, possess a PI wait in my cube, stalk my social network, have unsuccessful efforts to poison me etc etc etc.”

We’ve achieved to representatives for Banks and Grimes to Find out More.

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