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Hackaday Podcast 138: Breakin’ Bluetooth, Doritos Rockets, Wireless Robots, and Autonomous Trolling


Hackaday editors Elliot Williams and Mike Szczys peruse the great hardware hacks of the past week. There’s a robot walker platform that wirelessly offloads motor control planning to a computer. We take a look at automating your fishing boat with a trolling motor upgrade, building the Hoover dam in your back yard, and playing Holst’s Planets on an army of Arduini. Make sure you stick around until the end as we stroll through distant memories of Gopher, and peek inside the parking garages of the sea.

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Episode 138 Show Notes:
What’s that Sound?

That sound was Tesla coils playing the Super Mario Bros. Theme (Artist: ArcAttack!)
[cmbalancio] was randomly drawn from 66 correct responses and wins the shirt!

Here’s the code used for the random drawing

New This Week:

A Coolant Leak The Likely Culprit For Aussie Tesla Battery Bank Fire
It’s Wildcard Time, Your Last Chance To Enter The Hackaday Prize!

Interesting Hacks of the Week:

3D Printed Research Robotics Platform Runs Remotely


A Promising Start For The Doritos Space Program

A High Power Wood Rocket In 5 Days
OpenRocket Simulator
What You See Is What You (Laser) Cut

Arduino Orchestra Plays The Planets Suite

GitHub – dwhinham/mt32-pi: 🎹🎶 A baremetal kernel that turns your Raspberry Pi 3 or later into a Roland MT-32 emulator and SoundFont synthesizer based on Circle, Munt, and FluidSynth.

Open Source Autopilot For Cheap Trolling Motors
Bluetooth Vulnerability: Arbitrary Code Execution On The ESP32, Among Others

Espressif Bluetooth Security Advisory
GitHub – Matheus-Garbelini/esp32_bluetooth_classic_sniffer: Active Bluetooth BR/EDR Sniffer/Injector as cheap as any ESP32 board can get. Works with Scapy 😉
35C3: Finding Bugs In Bluetooth

Reinforced Concrete: Versatile At Any Size?

xkcd: Model Rail

Quick Hacks:

Elliot’s Picks

Erasable Pen Ink Adds Colors To 3D Prints
DuoLux Is A Stylish Lamp And You Should Definitely Print Your Own
Project HERMITS Robots Mimic Crabs With Mechanical Shells

Mike’s Picks:

The Most Important Device In The Universe Is Powered By A 555 Timer
Making Linux Offline Voice Recognition Easier
Put A Landscape Scanner On Your Bike And Ride

Can’t-Miss Articles:

Gopher, The Competing Standard To WWW In The ’90s Is Still Worth Checking Out
RORO Vessels: Driving Cars Across The Ocean

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