Happy New Year, You Gearheads! Here’s A Speedy Look At 2018



2018 is now gone and 2019 is dependent determined by us. Thus, it goes without saying that everybody in Carscoops wishes you a happy new season which, hopefully, will be better than the one which ’s left us.

We won’t gloat or break everything we did the previous 365 days (yep, the site has been online every day) – we’ll tell you the judge of whether we’ve been naughty or nice good at what we do or when there’s ’s room for progress.

Rather, we’ll have a peek at the very memorable things that occurred (or failed to materialize) in 2018.

Your car is your chauffeur

By way of instance vehicles were all the rage – not by manufacturers but tech providers. In March, however, a deadly accident between a Volvo XC90 fitted with Uber’s proprietary self-driving approaches was a major setback, as it made everyone rethink whether that technology is safe enough to unleash on the streets – plus it wasn’t helped by the fact that simulations revealed that the machine should have detected the victim.

Cheating diesels

In the aftermath of dieselgate, many nations have re-examined the way diesel-powered cars influence air quality, and a number of cities around the world determined that, earlier or later, they’d prohibit older diesels and, sometimes, even newer ones out of their center. Many automakers have pledged to ditch oil burners altogether, while some continue to be undecided and only a small amount have announced they aren’t prepared to give them up just yet.

Electric dreams

Electrification was also a significant thing, together using VW, Audi and Mercedes opting to develop their very own, EV-only sub-brands. Why, even Porsche will roll an all-electric saloon, the Taycan, which it claims will be authentic into this Porsche ethos. And then there’s Tesla that, Elon Musk’s tweets and SEC troubles aside, eventually started mass production of the Model 3, even if quality management still leaves a great deal to be desired.

The People’s Republic

China, too, made headlines quite frequently, as it raised the law that required overseas carmakers to team up with a local business, providing the likes of Tesla and BMW the liberty to expand their operations in the nation. Plus, additionally, it participated in a trade war with the U.S.

Trump government

That, however, had as much to do with President Donald Trump that, this year, decided to have engaged in the automotive sector. He was not: initially he jeopardized Ford, who finally caved in, and then General Motors, whose CEO Mary Barra looks unfazed and determined to adhere to the group’s cost-cutting plans.

Britain’s exit in the EU

Last, but not least, there was not the issue of this Brexit that, as most automakers pointed out, would have harmful consequences to their UK factories and employees. And, of course, Carlos Ghosn’so fall from grace, as from Nissan’s savior and CEO extraordinairethat he had been detained over financial misconduct.

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