Here’s what Tesla owner-investors will be asking Elon Musk today



Throughout Tesla’s upcoming Q4 and Full Year 2018 earnings call that Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. PT (5:30 p.m. ET), the electric car manufacturer will be accepting queries from retail investors who are aggregated from Say, a startup that creates and develops investor communication tools.

Over the past months, Tesla’s investors’ve submitted and voted they want to be discussed at the company’s upcoming earnings forecast. After collecting the Visitor queries on its own website, Say will be delivering to Tesla’s investor relations department. In an announcement to Bloomberg Law, a Tesla spokesperson has confirmed that the firm would really be answering some inquiries from retail traders.

The Say campaign appears to be popular among shareholders. So far, over 250 inquiries are posted by investors representing more than $50 million worth of TSLA shares. Among the most popular questions for your company demand Tesla’s customer support difficulties, Model 3’s annual targets, and a potential 2170 battery upgrade for your Model S and X. The questions are vetted too, since Say merely permits verified Tesla shareholders to vote and publish inquiries. 

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Here’s the Top five queries from Say’s Tesla Q4 revenue page. 

Owners, most of them with large followings online, are becoming very vocal about Tesla’s customer support expertise with delivery, support, and repair. It has a serious effect on earnings that is returning and sales. What are you doing to change this negative reputation that is developing?
How are feeling about demand? Why is units 42k ASP still a annual target for Model 3, actually considering the effects of Model Y demand? Can you continue to view S/X ~100k yearly?
When and if will Tesla change Model S & X to 2170 cells? What percent range improvement would you expect?
Would you please discuss an upgrade on Full Self Driving and Tesla Network development? When will clients start to see FSD features? What’s a case deadline for your Tesla Network to go live?
Where’s the Tesla Semi & Model Y be generated? Would you discuss a deadline on the production ramp of these vehicles?

This wouldn’t be the first time for Tesla to choose a query. Last May, Elon Musk courted Wall Street’s ire once he dismissed a few analysts, dubbing their inquiries as “dull ” and “boneheaded. ” Instead, Musk opted to take queries from retail agent Galileo Russell, a retail agent that hosts a YouTube channel called HyperChange TV. Rusell’s inquiries, which have been compiled by the Tesla neighborhood, were appreciated by Musk, who proceeded to give a remarkable quantity of updates on the company’s upcoming projects. Finally, Galileo and Say will wind up working collectively in the growth of the query system that would be utilised at Tesla’s earnings call later now.

In an announcement to Teslarati, Galileo shared several questions he hopes Tesla would address in its Q4 and Full Year 2018 revenue call.

“I’m Tesla has chosen to carry retail inquiries from SAY. The best questions surrounding Tesla’s worsening Net Promoter Scores & customer support pinpoint precisely what I need to know. What’s Tesla doing to deal with its biggest weakness? Furthermore, Rob’s query in Tesla Daily (currently #2) about Model 3 demand at maturity, will give us opinions on normalized requirement for your car now it has been available for over a year. ” 

Finally, Tesla seems to be put on democratizing its process of communicating its earnings to shareholders, the media, as well as institutional investors. This is yet another step away from conference, believing earnings calls generally feature inquiries from Wall Street analysts and the occasional member of this media. By encouraging Say’s campaign, electric car maker is but ensuring its retail shareholders would have the ability to ask inquiries that are applicable and applicable to the Tesla neighborhood as a whole.

If any, Tesla’s assistance for your retail investors’ questions would definitely make now ’s earnings forecast the last thing from “dull. ”

Tesla is set to release its Q4 and Full Year 2018 financial results after markets. After the release of its Q4 and full-year 2018 fiscal results, Tesla will soon be holding its earnings forecast, which will start at 2:30 p.m. Pacific Time (5:30 p.m. Eastern Time).

The complete list of queries submitted by TSLA retail merchants in Say’s platform can be accessed here.

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