How Does The BMW X5 45e Stack Up As A Long-Term Daily Driver?



Right now, BMW has five versions of their favorite X5 SUV in its own scope, with everything in the bottom sDrive 40i into the range-topping X5 M. It seems there’s an X5 for everyone, but one that’s often overlooked is the xDrive 45e plug-in hybrid.  Fortunately, Harry Metcalfe from Harry’s Garage has been having one as a daily driver for six months and almost 10,000 miles, and he’s left a video to talk about his ideas on the car.

The first thing he cites, seeing as it’s a hybrid vehicle, is that the fuel economy. On the 9,574 miles he drove , that the more X5 45e returned 50.2 miles per gallon (41.8 mpg US / 5.6 lt/100 km). This ’s an astonishing figure, and it likely has to do with the fact that 52 percent of these miles were covered on purely electrical power.  In addition, he cites that the X5 has among the greatest batteries of any hybrid on sale in 24 kWh.

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One thing he didn’t enjoy about the hybrid system were the small decrease in back space due to the addition of the battery, and the very slow charging rate. Concerning the latter, it took approximately 8 to 9 hours to fully charge the battery in a speed of 6 miles of additional range per hour, which had been the the slowest charging speed he’s experienced in any hybrid or electric car. For contrast, he discovered the Tesla Model 3 to match up at a speed of 453 miles of electrical range per hour and the Range Rover P400e in 12 to 14. For that reason, Harry believes it’s moot to charge the BMW everywhere else but out of home due to how long it takes.

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One thing he enjoyed a great deal concerning the 45e was the refinement of the entire package. He believes that in terms of its own (lack of) noise, vibration and harshness, the X5 punches above its weight category and is more in line with something such as a Range Rover or possibly a Bentley Bentayga. Speaking of the Bentayga, he tested the noise levels of the BMW using a decibel meter, also discovered it to be nearly equal to the Bentley.

As for the driving, he discovered the ride surprisingly comfortable even though his automobile ’s M-sport touches. However, that’s not going to say it doesn’t act as a BMW from the corners. He notes that due to the way low both the engine and battery sit in the car, the handling dynamics of these X5 are extremely nice and it displays a surprisingly low amount of body roll.

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Together with 389 hp (403 PS / 290 kW) on faucet and a 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) period of 5.3 minutes, there’s ’s definitely no shortage of speed, and Harry really wondered what the 45e will be like using a slightly more economical engine. He states that if it can get 50 mpg with the present inline-six, imagine what kind of characters it may attain using a slightly smaller engine which still provides enough electricity for the vast majority of customers.

Overall, Harry enjoyed the usability and also all-roundedness of the X5 45e, and recommends it to nearly everyone who’s in the market for something comparable. He believes it’s a perfect stepping stone prior to purchasing a complete EV, and if he didn’t want it for off-road usage, he would purchase one for themself.

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