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How Elon Musk & WhatsApp Helped Fuel Signal & Telegram App Downloads


Having a two-word Tweet and a little help from WhatsApp‘s brand new provisions and privacy policy, Elon Musk may have helped fuel the massive number of downloads for both Signal and Telegram in recent days. As concerns on WhatsApp’s data sharing processes continue to grow, it seems that many have sought out replacement communication services to remain in touch with friends and family. Musk, the billionaire pioneer of firms like Tesla and SpaceX, offered his own brief encouragement to make the switch.

Signal functions similarly to WhatsApp, in the sense that it allows users to send texts, voice messages, photos, videos, GIFs, and files for free. It also recently included encrypted set calls into the platform. Meanwhile, the Telegram is an instant messaging program that supports big file transfers up to 1.5 GB per file. Both have been seen as competitors to some service such as WhatsApp, although the latter was largely regarded as the preferred for its usability.

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Now that WhatsApp is basically forcing some data to be shared with Facebook (its parent company), the tide seems to be shifting. Telegram lately tweeted that it had exceeded 500 million active customers, thanks to an influx of 25 million in a 72-hour period. Signal reported both incredible expansion, tweeting that confirmation codes needed to be postponed because of the number of people were hoping to join the platform at exactly the exact same time. Not entirely coincidentally, Musk added his head into the issue having a message for his 42 million Twitter followers announcing”Use Signal.”

In 4:56 a.m. PST on Jan. 7, Musk delivered out the two-word acceptance of Signal. In 9:53 a.m. that same morning, Signal started a thread of tweets regarding the rapid growth of users on the platform that stretched out over the subsequent 3 days.

In order to be left out, Telegram shown its meteoric increase in users a few days after, on Jan. 12.

Musk is a very powerful figure in the technology world, and has proven his sway as a public entity time and time again. However, it’s improbable that Signal and Telegram’s instant rise in popularity is all down into the technology mogul. The underlying conditions of this mass adoption of those apps is very likely to be the end consequence of WhatsApp and its own decision to make sharing data with Facebook a requirement for using the system. This almost surely drove many users away from WhatsApp, due to worries of what Facebook might do with their information.

WhatsApp has always been an pragmatic way for folks to communicate with family and friends around the globe. As it just so happens, Telegram’s statistical breakdown of its users showed that 38-percent arrived from Asia, 27-percent by Europe, 21-percent in Latin America, and also 8-percent were in the Middle East. These numbers suggest that, so as to remain in contact with those close to them around the globe without needing to be concerned about where their information is led, most are turning into WhatsApp’s choices, including Signal and Telegram.

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