How I spend my $163,800 per month income



By request, here’s breakdown of just how much I spend every month on my personal expenditures, and that which I spend my cash on – enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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My ENTIRE Camera and Recording Equipment:

Car insurance: $125 per month
Gym Membership: $200 per month
Health Insurance: $215 per month
Telephone Bill: $83 per month
Internet: $80 per month
Utilities: $120 per month
Groceries: $200 per month
Misc Spending: $400 per month
Housing: $3500 Gross, $0 Net

*House Hacking Information:

Tesla Model 3 Payment: $630 Gross, $78 Net

And moreover this …this ’s I spend cash on!

So If You’d like the True personal CASHFLOW coming out of my account Each Month, without counting mortgage equity, automobile equity, or write offs…that is just the gross sum leaving my account, including rental income on the other unit, then I spend:
$3,353 every month on everything in terms of CASHFLOW.

However, when you look at my NET cost monthly – that is when you account for mortgage and car equity, then write offs, depreciation, and cash I return in the end of the year, and so on, I spend on average of
$1501 per month NET on my personal expenditures, cost of living, food, utilities, health club, phone, etc..

My company expenditures, on the other hand, are expenditures that I KNOW will make me money. What I spend here varies and for the most part, it’s entirely discretionary.

That’s the way I want to run things…I don&t enjoy having overhead rsquo, and also the responsibility I have.

I just like not NEEDING to spend money every month merely to keep things running, which in turn, means less pressure for me personally, which means I will create content far easier, I’m “Free” to chat about whatever, which benefits YOU because I’m not a massive company just moved to remain afloat on expenses. Which oddly enough, usually means I’ll wind up making more money due to hellip & this that ’s a weird cycle. The less cash is needed by you, the more you create as you aren’t doing things for the cash …along with the more inventive you have a tendency to be.

Thanks for viewing!

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