How Robinhood gets users addicted, plus Cathie Wood talks Tesla and GameStop



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We spoke to ten users and industry experts to find out how Robinhood has allowed the gamification of trading. We specifically concentrated on the platform digital interface, and the tips it uses to acquire young users hooked.Cathie Wood and her staff break down the implications of Tesla’s $1.5 billion bitcoin investment, and share the investment situation to the Chinese inventory behind the audio chat app Clubhouse. A hedge fund manager who actually wrote the book on short-selling discusses how he evaded the short squeeze meme stocksshares and shares what stocks he’s buying.

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Your weekly outlook

The past week saw the market zeitgeist shift somewhat from the pesky day-trading rascals around Reddit and outside bitcoin, which set new documents. The red-hot cryptocurrency obtained a coveted co from Tesla, which said that it bought $1.5 billion worth and could begin taking it as payment.

It then surged even more to all-time highs after additional adoption against the likes of Mastercard along with BNY Mellon. With bitcoin now back in record highs, a few age-old queries will persist over the coming weeks: Can increasingly prevalent adoption continue to counter concerns that the coin’s price is overextended? And who will follow the result of these high-profile businesses?

But the return of crypto didn’t mean all was quiet on the Reddit front. There has been significant day-trader interest around cannabis stocks through the week, pegged to expectations which federal legalization will gather steam beneath the Biden government. Volume for options – the preferred investment automobile for risk-hungry Wall Street Bets users – jumped to records.

The initial pop in cannabis titles did quickly subside, raising concerns of whether the Reddit crowd will be able to achieve the level of interest and consensus that created its GameStop bet so effective. The sudden interest from the cannabis space additionally showed the unpredictability of the Reddit cohort, which seems to shift its attention at a minute’s notice.

Lastly, stimulus will remain at top of mind to investors this coming week, even if progress was slow and irritating occasionally. The market still responds immediately to some type of incremental improvement, so keep a look out for advice from politicans or additional package details.

The design features that make Robinhood so addicting

robinhood gamification trading app 2x1

By all indications, Robinhood has become the investing app for novice retail dealers. Its slick design, flashy features, and simple interface have brought 13 million users because 2013. Insider spoke with 10 users and industry experts to find out how Robinhood has changed trading.

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GENERATION ROBINHOOD: How the trading app conditioned its users to obsessively perform the marketCathie Wood & Co. discuss Tesla, GameStop, and the Chinese inventory behind Clubhouse
Cathie Wood

Last week Ark CEO Cathie Wood said stocks aren’t in a bubble, however bonds are. She and her staff break down the implications of Tesla’s $1.5 billion bitcoin investment, and share the investment situation to the Chinese inventory behind the audio chat app Clubhouse.

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Cathie Wood along with her analysts discuss why Tesla’s $1.5 billion bitcoin buy can cause a wave of business investments, the fallout of the GameStop-AMC happening, and their own bullish views on the Chinese inventory supporting ClubhouseShort-selling strategies from the guy who wrote the book on it
Nitin Sacheti Papyrus Headshot

Nitin Sacheti is the founder and portfolio manager of Papyrus Capital, a long/short hedge fund. In a publication called”Downside Protection,” Sacheti detailed his own distinctive short-selling strategy. He breaks he evaded the short squeeze meme stocksshares and shares what stocks he’s buying.

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A hedge fund manager who wrote a definitive book on short-selling breaks how his strategy helped him evade the squeeze GameStop – and stocks what Kinds of stocks he’s buying and shorting nowStock select central

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