How the Amazing Pininfarina Battista Came to Be



It’s brisk and sunny Italian dawn in March when, after a brief walk from a nearby businessman’s hotel, we locate ourselves drifting among the famous concept cars put up in a type of mini museum format in Pininfarina SpA’s Italian headquarters in Cambiano, out of Turin. My host arrives presently. Having met up with company chairman Paolo Pininfarina in the 2019 Geneva Auto Show, where he helped launch Automobili Pininfarina’s all-electric Pininfarina Battista hypercar, we’t followed the silver-haired executive–world tired and harried but dapper, loquacious, and enchanting –back to Cambiano.

Pininfarina speaks animatedly about these series cars, detailing their stories and proudly outlining their impact on future production models. From the epochal Cisitalia to the Lancia Florida II along with Ferrari P6, precursor to the BB Berlinettasthey represent a small fraction of Pininfarina’s prodigious style output, with over 600 cars to its own credit. However, if there had been countless automobiles to see here or not one, there might still have been a lot to talk about. Because to conserve this business with its distinguished lineage from the dustbin of history, Paolo had some hard choices to create a few years back. He won’t say it, but he did what he needed to do.

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Since the museum causes us to recognize the Pininfarina SpA operation has a far wider portfolio compared to automobiles. It layouts buildings; we see a version of a full-scale flat tower in São Paulo, Brazil. It fashions industrial machines and household appliances, and it has developed an association with Princess Yachts, which under the leadership of prior McLaren Cars manager Antony Sheriff has begun launching daring, new layouts, for example, R35. Pininfarina’s very first design, this speedboat cum mini yacht, looks really great.

Still, there may be no doubt that Paolo dominates the times when his family helped spread the term for Italian design with its own automotive designs, giving a spark to manufacturers all over the world, but particularly at home. And this moment it’s private.

“If I am to mention something about Italian automobiles in 2019, it’s that they are too conservative for me personally,” he states. “They may be dropping the sense of danger, of creation. The partnership involving Italian manufacturers and brands with Italian designers and carrozzerie previously produced outstanding design benefits. They constructed the history of those brands, like Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari, and Lancia. They assembled their heritage partnering with the carrozzerie.

like Tesla, or Karma … these businesses don’t have any history. They leap in the future from other companies to full electric, for example. It’s an chance for designers to establish new ventures in [a shifting ] world. ”

So it’s. But since he did what he needed to do, the Pininfarina design home carries on as a living, breathing thing while people get the Automobili Pininfarina Battista. Things could be worse.

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