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How To Customize & Save Driver Settings On A Tesla Model 3

How To Customize & Save Driver Settings On A Tesla Model 3

Tesla includes an option to personalize the Model 3 to better fit the owner’s needs as well as allowing customizations for other drivers. That means when a family member or close friend is detected in the driver’s seat, various settings will be updated to better match their particular preferences, making it a uniquely tailored experience for each person. Setting this feature up is fairly simple once the controls are located, but a quick rundown of the various options and how to begin will be helpful to anyone that owns or is interested in Tesla’s Model 3.

Tesla began just eighteen years ago as Tesla Motors and reduced the name down to simply Tesla since it has diversified into solar and large-scale battery solutions as well. It’s remarkable for such a young company to quickly climb to become one of the hottest automakers in the world, bringing excitement back to electric vehicles and rapidly advancing the transition to emissions-free cars. The Model 3 was the car Elon Musk wanted to build from the beginning, but started with the Roadster and Model S to generate enough funds to build manufacturing plants that could create its low-cost car at the required scale. The Model 3 has gone on to become the best-selling electric vehicle in the world and is quickly making its way up the list that includes all cars.

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Tesla’s Model 3 can recognize different drivers and adjust several settings to best match their personal preferences. The most common customizations aim to make the car more comfortable to drive and Tesla makes these changes very easy to do. The first time the seat or side mirrors are adjusted a prompt will appear on the touchscreen to create a driver profile. Profiles are named, so naming one is the first step. Then proceed to adjust the Model 3’s seat using the controls which are low and on the left side. Steering wheel and side mirror adjustments are also worth making at this time. Once done, tap the save button to store the preferences for the first driver.

Most households include drivers of varying heights and adjusting the seat position, steering wheel and mirrors might be a daily occurrence. When this has to be done manually, it takes time and slows departures. Thankfully, this is all automated with a one-time setup of a profile for each driver. For more drivers, tapping the profile menu, which is at the top left of the touchscreen, will reveal the option to add another driver. It’s easy to set up a new profile as each driver takes a turn behind the wheel. Adjust the various controls and tap ‘Save’ to store the new custom profiles.

For most ease, each profile can be linked to an iPhone, Android phone, or a key fob. Phones need to have the Tesla app installed and be signed in with a Tesla account. When a smartphone or key fob is linked to a driver profile, the Model 3 will automatically change settings to match those of the driver at the wheel. It’s as if the car recognizes and adjusts settings to make the driving experience more comfortable for the current driver. There are several more options that can be customized in a driver profile, so it’s a good idea to spend some time to refine the the settings even further. Tesla’s Model 3 is a joy to drive and with custom profiles, it will be equally as comfortable for each driver.

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