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Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Truck: Nikola Badger Joins Electric Pickup Battle


Still another electrical pickup passes the fray! Nikola Motor Company announced the Badger pickup, but this isn’t merely the other EV. The automaker claims more energy emissions, and more range thanks .

Nikola Motor will offer the coming Badger pickup truck in both fuel-cell electrical and models. Along with the brand says it’ll build the new truck “in conjunction with the other OEM. &rdquoWe expect a statement on who will be later this year to come.

Regardless, the stats about the newest truck are impressive. Zero to 60 in 2.9 seconds is fast! Early specs reveal a 906 peak horsepower, with a 455 horsepower that is continuous.

Torque (980 pound-feet) and towing ability (8,000-plus lbs ) are solid, but not all that competitive with the huge crop of electrical trucks headed to market next year.

Nikola Badger hydrogen fuel cell electric pickup truck

“Nikola has billions’ value of technology in our semi-truck app, so why not build it? ” stated CEO Trevor Milton.

“I think the sector is now ready for something which could handle a complete day & rsquo; therefore value of work without even running out of energy and have been working with this pickup program for years. This truck may be used for towing, and off-roading, weekend getaways, work, or to reach the ski slopes without any performance reduction — no electrical pickup can operate in these temperatures and requirements. ”

Nikola Motor Badger Pickup: Born From Semis

As a testament to the commitment to cleaner automobiles, Nikola has raised billions in funding to bring a hydrogen fuel-cell semi-truck to advertise in 2021. And with prototypes on the road, the brand appears on its way.

However, the largest obstacle for any hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle is the access to hydrogen. As yet, there are quite few across the country.

However, Nikola intends to roll out 700 channels across North America soon. Along with the brand intends to have these channels make hydrogen and renewable energy, not natural gas, to reduce overall carbon emissions.

Badger Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Truck: Marketing

Nikola Badger hydrogen fuel cell electric pickup truck

Tesla had its big Cybertruck reveal — and it might have been the advertising and marketing stunt of all time. However, Nikola is functioning with reality TV star Heavy D, from the hit series “Diesel Brothers. ”

According to Nikola, Heavy D can assist “analyze, construct, and layout the Badger in surroundings. ” The vulnerability from this venture could bring in millions of audiences from all over the planet.

And then there’s the hype surrounding a hydrogen fuel-cell car finally hitting on production amounts.

“The app can help push the cost of the fuel-cell components on our semi-truck while hastening the hydrogen channel rollout,” Nikola president Mark Russell stated.

“Giving customers the choice to order a battery-electric or fuel-cell variant will ensure we drive down the cost for everyone across our lineup. ”

Nikola Badger: Reality or Just Rendering?

Nikola Badger hydrogen fuel cell electric pickup truck

We expect the Nikola Badger to make its debut in September in Nikola’s Phoenix headquarters. Along with the brand targets production to start at 2021, but that could prove rough with many questions still unanswered.

Nikola said it’ll take &ldquo reservations” to the Badger later this year. To remain current on all things Nikola Badger, it is possible to sign up here.

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