Hyundai EV Battery Fires Lead To Lawsuits, GM Recalls 70,000 Cars With Batteries From Same Maker



Hyundai is currently being sued over several EV battery fires from roughly 200 individuals who seek reimbursement for the decreased value of the EVs, in addition to some other losses.

In accordance with Reuters, this court filing isn’t a public record. Interestingly , General Motors is also remembering nearly 70,000 EVs containing batteries from precisely exactly the identical manufacturer as those from the burnt Hyundais, LG Chem.

One of the attorneys representing the plaintiffs stated they were initially searching 8 million won ($7,200) each plaintiff, but this amount would rise as the trial goes ahead.

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The plaintiffs also need Hyundai to replace the entire battery pack on remembered vehicles (the priciest portion of the automobile ), as opposed to simply updating the program.

“While acknowledging flaws in the batteries, the organization has been relying on the incorrect coverage — software replacement, which is just a temporary fix — to purchase time,” argue the people suing Hyundai.

“A battery which isn’t safe is like a bomb,” stated one Park Chul-wan, a South Korean battery specialist.

Meanwhile, the Hyundai needed to say on the issue: “We are continuously monitoring the situation following an update of the (battery management program ) and we’ll continue to try and minimise customer inconveniences going forward. The carmaker considers that only a few of the vehicles have battery issues, and those that do, will acquire fresh batteries at no extra cost.

As of right now, Hyundai has remembered over 74,000 Kona EVs around the world, following 16 of them caught fire in South Korea, Canada and Europe. GM has also remembered 68,677 EVs containing LG Chem batteries, following five reported fires and two minor accidents.

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