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I bought a new car last year and seriously considered buying a Tesla Model 3, but I decided against it — here’s why (TSLA)


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I recently bought a new car, however it was not a Tesla Model 3.
The Tesla Model 3 has wildly impressed me in the multiple times I’ve driven and analyzed it. But while I seriously considered purchasing one, I ultimately chose something nearer to my Toyota Prius.
I haven’t ruled out future Tesla ownership, of course. There’s a chance I’ll own one.
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For a variety of reasons, I had to get a car. The details aren’t terribly significant, but I wound up with a certified Toyota RAV4 hybridvehicle.

I am very happy with the RAV4, and also I was a proud Toyota Prius owner.

The automobile that’s most affected my thinking about cars in the past year and has been the Tesla Model 3. I considered ordering one, also for the record, I fully expect to own some type of Tesla automobile in another 10 decades.

I didn’t opt this time around. And I had my reasons! 


1. The Model 3 is just a little too new on the market. I am no first adopter. Until something new has just taken a few spins around the 15, I like to wait. The Model 3 is sufficiently distinctive from the Model S and Model X that I’d rather wait a few years while the kinks are ironed out.
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2. I don’t have a charger in my house (yet). We don’t test enough electric and vehicles in Business Insider to justify a Level 2 home charger, so I operate the cable to my lawn and generally just charge off a wall socket.
Matthew DeBord/Business Insider

Tesla can set you up with house charging, but it is an additional preliminary expense. And were I to go for this, I’d be restricted to charging my Tesla, since the business’s chargers aren’t compatible with different EVs.

3. The Model 3 is still more expensive than what I enjoy in an auto.
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I’ve tried several distinct variations of the Model 3, and though the existing Standard Range Plus, rear-wheel-drive (single engine ) trim amount is priced under $40,000, I prefer to invest approximately $25,000 (or less) for my household’s basic transport needs. 

A number of this is due to my occupation. I test at least one car every single week, so we don’t need for getting around anything fancy. Our”second car” can be pretty basic. We picked the RAV4 because I already had a connection with a dealer and because we figured a hybrid crossover with all-wheel-drive would would be a much better for us than the Prius we’d been driving.

It assists in life to be of two minds about cars. You can find a perfectly good car that might have given you pause because in’d close to 100,000 miles on it. But quality has increased so much that the sub-$10 really are than the el-cheapo rides of yesteryear. 

So, you spend much less time worrying about it — and can obtain transport for not a great deal of cash.

Nevertheless, you can even indulge yourself. There’s more variety in the marketplace than previously, and EVs are a legit choices. In many cases you’ve got to pay up.

The upshot here is to find out which thoughts you are in. I understand that I can invest the minimal side and bee happy. But that is just me.

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