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ICYMI: Turtle Transfer, Parks Reopen & Giant Lizards in Georgia


Mexico seizes a dispatch of 15,000 freshwater turtles, some of these endangered species, even en route to China. 

The US Fish and Wildlife Service licenses endangered species status to Pacific fishers from the southern Sierra Nevada, but denies it from the bulk of the mustelid’s range, from Northern California to the Canadian border. 

The US death toll in the COVID-19 moves 86,000. You will find over a million active cases of this disease.

National parks slowly begin to reopen. At Yosemite, 90 shuttle shuttle bus drivers and other transport employees face flooding .

Ghana’s president states one employee at a fish factory infected 533 fellow employees with the coronavirus.

Due to this coronavirus pandemic, India’s CO2 emissions fall 30 percent in April, the initial decline in 40 years. 

Electric-automaker Tesla reopens its Fremont, California, assembly plant in defiance of county wellness orders. CEO Elon Musk says that if anyone is to be arrested,”I ask that it only be me.” The reopening is then agreed to by the county , provided that security conditions are met. 

Twitter claims it will allow many employees to work from home indefinitely . Twitter and Walmart are bounced from S&P Dow Jones’ index of top environmental, social, and governance performers, replaced by Facebook and Costco.  

The Trump administration okays the Gemini project, what would be the largest solar energy installation in the nation, near Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Republican members of Congress accuse Wall Street of “discriminating” against fossil fuel companies. 

Norway’s $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund dumps $3.3 billion in fossil-fuel investments, especially in coal mining and tar-sands oil drilling.  

Two giant cooling towers at Germany’s former Philippsburg nuclear plant, near Karlsruhe, are demolished without warning to avoid drawing a crowd during the pandemic.  

In addition to murder hornets, giant Hokkaido gypsy moths are discovered in the United States. The moth is considered an invasive pest; its caterpillars can completely defoliate trees.  

Argentine black and white tegus, invasive lizards that can grow up to four feet long and”consume whatever they want,” have established themselves in Georgia.  

A dietary supplement for cattle derived from garlic and citrus from the Swiss company Mootral is claimed to reduce the methane emissions from cow burps by 30 percent.  

A judge throws out a lawsuit against Ben & Jerry’s ice cream that disputed whether all the cream used in its products came from”happy cows.” 

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