Inboard opens general availability of its premium electric scooter



Inboard, the startup that sells a range of electric scooters and skateboardsand has just opened sales of its very first premium scooter — just in time for your holiday season.

The company has sold 285 of those scooters at a, with 80 percent of those orders coming from the United States and 35 percent coming from California.

Best known for its own M1 electrical skateboard, the “Glider” electrical scooter will turn into the second product in the Inboard suite.

Retailing for $999, the Glider scooter includes a swappable battery plus an integrated program that gives info information and diagnostics and maintenance alarms, and provides users information regarding their place while on the move, according to the provider.

“The Glider is the confluence of hardware command, applications expertise and our staff ’s relentless ambition to provide safer and brighter urban transport,” stated Inboard co-founder and chief executive, Ryan Evans. “Our goal is not just to launch the most advanced e-scooter on the marketplace, but to enter the space responsibly and direct with safety. Our hardware will be the most advanced on the marketplace, but it is our applications that separates the Glider from the contest — enabling riders a much safer and more efficient journey, while providing an enjoyable way to re-imagine your town. ”

Inboard pitches itself as a safer scooter, designed for a rider height below the axle centerline and featuring headlights, brake lights, turn signalstires and also a deck.

Inform riders about street challenges via its own app and gliders arrive to find board vibrations.

Backed with $11.7 million in venture funding from shareholders, including Upfront Ventures and the battery technology developer LION Smart, European investment company Sunstone Capital and Sweet Capital, Inboard is betting on the identical mobility revolution that has fueled the sky-high capital rounds for companies like Bird and Lime.

The company is betting that the revolution isn ’ t One thing that riders may want to rent, but something they ’ ll possess as the types of services and people-moving options continue to expand.

The Glider’s price of $999 is accessible via pre-order until 12/31/18 at which stage pricing will be increased to the full price of $1,299.

Inboard Technology raises $8 million to function as Tesla of electrical skateboards

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