Interview: Pronto’s Anthony Levandowski on new autonomous venture, rep and redemption



Anthony Levandowski is aware of his reputation.

Among the most controversial characters in autonomous driving, his background has been well-covered, in creating the Ghostrider bike which participates in the DARPA Grand Challenge in 2004 and 2005, to his job on Google’s self-driving car.

It continues with his founding of Otto, a self-driving trucking startup acquired by Uber, to his role in the center of the Waymo vs. Uber case. Levandowski was accused of resisting Waymo’s self-driving secrets and bringing them together to Uber, which fired him.  Waymo eventually accepted a settlement of $245 million. 

There’s more of course, including the founding of a AI-focused spiritual organization, Way of the Future. It appears with Anthony Levandowski, there’s consistently more… longer …

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