Is the Car Interior of the Future in This 1969 Mustang?



Hassane El-Khoury has wanted a timeless Ford Mustang ever since he first saw Bullitt in age 12. Now he has one. He also found the car he predicts Manticore as a moss-covered rustbucket in the Pacific Northwest, and as president and CEO of Cypress Semiconductor–which designs and provides screens, touch-sensitive controls, and much more for many automotive OEMs–he also had the tools to craft it to his private vision. A Coyote V-8 lives under the hood between the gears, and the cottage doesn’t even have one button, dial, or even an auto slot. It’s a testament to both computational wizardry and also internal combustion, and El-Khoury hopes it can act to the whole sector.

We sat with El-Khoury to find out more about the future technician that pushes his Ford. Here are the coolest details:

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