It feels like my parents are slowing me down.



I'm also a 16 year-old asian dude. For almost all of my life, my parents forced me to do things that they thought could be advantageous to me personally.

U/circIejerking, play with the piano.

U/circIejerking, why’s your english mark really low.

U/circIejerking, stop wasting time and get your math homework done.

Don't get me wrong, they're amazing parents, and definitely about the milder side of their Chinese Parents Spectrum.

However, for the very first time in history, it seems like they're attempting to slow me down.

Nearly one and a half years back, I began inventory trading on a whim, just in time for pandemic season (FYIthis narrative doesn’t have anything to do with GME, AMC, NOK, along with other recent reddit stocks. I didn't touch them) . I used 8,000 bucks I had saved in the previous two years of camp counseling, counselling, and various gifts from relatives. And because my parents thought that it had been worth a few grand to teach me a costly life lesson, then they pitched in a different 8,000, put up an account under my mother 's title, and wanted me luck.

Yes, you found me. I’d 16,000 bucks to play with at 15. Insane, right?

Not insane enough. With some miracle of god, not only did I manage not to lose it, I managed to double that, then triple it in the span of less than 5 months. The majority of my early gains were Tesla and other hyped reddit stocks. I thought I was the shit, an investing prodigy. I began moving to penny stocks and OTC's without a comically considerable quantities of cash for a teen and a head so inflated, it might take its own weight.

Of course I dropped the majority of my gains over the next 3. I had been defeated and humbled. I wasn't as smart as I thought I was. Following a good deal of reflecting, I decided to keep going and provide trading another opportunity, now from a far more conservative and small view. I reignited my will to understand the art of this mill. This is a rarity for me personally, I usually have the attention span of a baboon on cocaine and also the short-term memory of a swimming pool in booze. I read all sorts of trading and investing books, attempting to consume as far as I can about this. Yea, online school gave me lots of free time to put to great use. This became, and still is, an obsession. I found a mentor and an older-brother figure at a Harvard Grad that had been pretty well acquainted with all my family. I heard everything he was prepared to teach me about biotech trading, mindset, the way to generate income and the way not to get rid of everything. Probably annoyed him to death in the process, but I thought it was worthwhile. School would never teach me all these things, they’d rather force me into a 9-5. I matured a lot, too. Figured out there was still so much to understand, so much hidden that was not earnings calls along with CNBC articles.

That brings us to approximately two weeks ago. With this time, I had gained back I had misplaced and much more at the portfolio fucking (portfucking?) Through well-timed trades, great financial analysis, and figuring out that companies are due to become hyped to kingdom come BEFORE folks locate them. I don't promise to be a specialist, nor do I promise to be moderately ready to enter the market with full confidence since I spent a few months reading books, but I believe I'm very knowledgeable for a 16 year-old.

I overheard a conversation between my parents about how I'm”losing my way”. This comes after my parents advised me to stop looking at stocks in class. I advised them I believe I'm making my own way ahead, I don’t pay attention and relearn thing I already know, or just don't care about. I don't need to understand, nor do I care about the way an item falls without air resistance, what a alpha particle would be, or the character of Soviet-American relationships through the onset of the Vietnam War. I get where they're coming out, but I believe they need to leave me alone for two reasons.

My average is now a 94, with marks over 92. Because I'm pursuing a full International Baccalaureate Diploma, for all universities maintenance, I'm also a kid using a 3.9-4.0 gpa, from one of those tiptop public schools in Ontario. When I had been a kid, I would understand. However, with of metrics, I am excelling. I'm doing practical shit. No video games, no porn-watching, no texting promiscuous girls. This is finance, it is going to be helpful in the future and I find it fascinating. I'm not wasting time, just using it for different things outside of school.

It seems like, when I really have any semblance of a thriving venture, my parents want to drag me away and force me to sit in class, listening to a teacher ramble on about something I don’t have any interest into people I could frankly dismiss. I want to be more”humble”, to”join the establishment” until I can do my own thing. I consent to the initial oneI probably come as hugely arrogant, using a head stuck so far up my rectum I eat my meals twice. I don't attention though. I know I know more than my peers when it comes to stock trading. And when I don't, then you bet your ass I'm seeking to catch up.

My mother even watched over her accounts just like a hawk, I’d like to put sell orders securities I don’t have any purpose in selling and poor buying shares in biotech companies whom I believe I've done a comprehensive job of researching. She can't tell the difference between a limitation buy and a industry buy, I'm not talking about her!

I don't receive it. I'm totally putting my time to good use, attempting to acquire an edge over my peers, studying just as far as I can. I've ignited a passion for something which will serve me well later on. I have everything under control at this time. Why are they still insisting on control?

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