Italy’s Mole Is Readying A New Carbon Sports Car For Geneva



Italian design house Umberto Palermo Design and their brand, Mole Automobile, have dropped a choice of teaser images showing a new concept that will premiere at next month’s Geneva Motor Show.

The business offers a choice of upgrade packages for various production vehicles, including the Tesla Model S. However, based on the teasers released of its new model, we seem to be looking at a bespoke vehicle dubbed the Mole Contruzione Artigianale Almas.

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Pictures of the Mole Automobile depict a sleek two-seater painted in a shade of red. In the front, the car includes a large grille with a enormous chrome logo or logo in the center. On both sides of the grille are just above and little air intakes them sit intriguing LED headlights. There and spin around to the side of the sports car ’s angular windows sports wheels, and thick B-pillars.

The rear of the new sports car incorporates a sleek engine cover, taillights somewhat similar in shape to those of the Lexus LC, quad tailpipes, and a notable diffuser.

Few details about the vehicle are known. However, a look around at various Italian publications indicates that the car’s chassis is made entirely from carbon fiber and that powering the concept is some form of hydrogen system.

A look at the hashtags used in the Facebook description to your automobile includes one which states #oneoff, suggesting that the design house won’t put the vehicle into production , no matter how popular it might prove. There’s a #tesla in there but we’re not reading too much into that.

All shall be revealed in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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