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Jalopnik took a ride in the BMW Power BEV “Lucy”


When BMW initially debuted its so-called Power BEV a couple of days ago in Munichit created quite the stir fry. It looks like a G30 5 Series, since it’s one, but with a few camouflage on back and the front. Though it s 5 Series about the exterior, it s entirely different underneath the epidermis. Instead of a conventional 5 Series powertrain, this Power BEV, also known as “Lucy”, actually employs an all-electric powertrain and has functionality that could crush an M5.

During the NEXTGen19 event, Jalopnik’s David Tracy was able to ride shotgun in Lucy with a BMW engineer behind the wheel. And he lost his lunch.

Powering Lucy is an electric powertrain which is made up of three of BMW’s fresh drive units. Each drive unit consists of an electrical engine, its gearbox and all of the electronics that is requisite. Two of them power Lucy’s one forces the front axle and back axle. Sandwiched between most of that is a package. Electricity output? An hp and also an Earth-turning 885 lb-ft of torque. According to BMW, it may acquire from 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds.

You might believe that 2.8 minutes to 60 mph isn’t quite amazing, considering that the BMW M5 could do this with only 600 hp. Until you understand that Lucy is a modified 5 Series endeavor that weighs 5,300 pounds (!) . This ’s about as heavy as a Chevy Tahoe and it may nail 60 mph in under three minutes. More notable than this, it might slalom like an M5 can as well, because of its striking real-time electrical torque. Although weighing up to a moon, now Lucy is a athlete. No wonder Tracy nearly lost his lunch.

From the video, it doesn’t seem simply because iPhone videos don’t communicate sense of rate nicely. You can hear in his voice along with the see from the jerking of this camera that they’re moving quickly. That amount of torque is sufficient to tow a cruise ship and it s hanging a sedan.

What’s interesting is that BMW made Lucy without altering the inside of the 5 Series whatsoever. So it still remained a comfortable and luxury sedan, from the floor or alterations without any humps. It took a loss of back area, and some engineering, to make that happen but it proves that BMW could do it even on a 5 Series. Thoughit did get G12 LCI 7 Series suspension front and back to accommodate the electrical motors and batteries.

It s a fascinating read and it shows exactly what BMW can do with electrification. So as lots of enthusiasts bemoan BMW’s apprehension to create proper performance EVs, akin to Tesla’s Model S P100D, the brand is capable of doing so. Lucy is a means for BMW to flex its muscles. Seemingly, hers are pretty strong.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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