Jeep Driver Rolls Through Stop Sign And Gets Pummeled



There are particular kinds of crashes where your seat belt isn’will help much, and that’s the reason it’s crucial to constantly pay attention to prevent signs and prevent lights.

Just take this event for instance, where the driver of some Jeep Cherokee neglected to stop if she should have and that resulted in a really significant crash. What’s frightening is that she appears to have broken her side pub with either her mind along with her elbow. It was the latter.

It seems pretty straight forward, right? Ran the stop sign take your fine and go home type of deal. Well, not so fast. The explanation of the movie provides only limited info, such as the location of the crash (Lower Queen Anne, Seattle), plus the fact that the cammer is still waiting on his insurance business to choose what to do about the car.

But on Reddit, somebody posted the following message after the clip:

“According to her statement to her insurer: She came to a halt, looked both ways, and just proceeded when it was safe to do so, in which time I came from nowhere and struck her in a higher rate of speed. (Speed limitation on this road is 25 mph). ”

If that’s really what occurred, we could only shake our heads in disbelief that somebody would have the audacity to lie within such an easily disprovable way.

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It’s also possible that she was too shaken up to remember what occurred, but to not remember is one thing, and to specifically detail the way you actually stopped in the signal when in fact you didn’t, is an entirely different type of matter.

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