Lawn Power Equipment?



Gas vs Battery?

I've decided battery because I don't have alot of yard work but enough that I should buy more power than I need.

Ryobi vs Ego?

I purchased into the Ryobi battery system to get their tools but now I'm looking at Lawn maintenance it sort of seems like Ego may be the way to go.

My fiancee doesn't need me messing with oil/gas since the chemicals in our home the better:-RRB- we like being clean and green.

I don't mind buying into a whole other battery system since Ryobi looks great for their tools and I may be prepared to acquire a whole other battery platform for the yard maintenance.

I have the 18v Ryobi battery and it seems like their 40v is your way to go which is the reason why I'm not visiting my 18v Ryobi batteries.

Ego Costs more but appears to do the job nicely.

Ryobi costs much less but I'm wondering whether it'll even hold up since their series trimmers appear to do the work however, the Air blower appear feeble.

I understand there are other brands but someone pointed out this Ego actually put thought in their batteries compared them to Tesla.

Is there something out that I'm not contemplating? I wanted to begin the dialogue and see where it belongs.

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