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Life is a mirror.


I understand people typically say quotes such as life is a mirror but may never see how it translates into reality until recently. I'm typically good at noticing patterns in life – meaning how specific emotions/thoughts/states of extraterrestrial beings result in particular activities or outcomes. As of lately, I picked up the way the outer universe is actually a reflection of my state of being. For instance, if I'm stressed out, in a poor state of mind, or feeling shitty for whatever reason all of a sudden my outside reality gets messy (such as my apartment), accidents occur more often, encounter people I don't actually need to be about, and I say things at the wrong time or turned into a bit spontaneous. An when I'm in a good mood/being more positive more girls/people, generally – are attracted to mepersonally, I find that”good' things happen more, the day goes smoothly, I have better”chance” etc..

There are many ways to explain this. I believe a LAW of the universe is as you give you get, science also has this thing called R.A.S (Reticular Activating System) – a short explanation of R.A.S goes like this. . .the things you focus on you find more of ex. If you're looking to buy a new TESLA you'll start to see more TESLAS in the most random ways (they were always there but now since you gave it more attention you start to see the things that were already there… Also, I believe your beliefs literally create your reality (In a sense it's like the law of attraction.)

I say all this because if you look at our world and the things we're currently going through is a one to one reflection of our collective consciousness. I see this in many areas of life. I live in NYC and if you live here or ever visited you can see this law in action by taking a stroll down 5th ave and then going to the slums/hoods in Brooklyn. There's a big difference and I believe this is due to the mind-states of the people in those particular areas.

I can go more in detail about this but don't want to talk your ear off. It's something I've been studying for a while and for sure I find this to be true. Recently I've made a YouTube video explaining this in visual form. I find the fact that we see ourselves as individuals we lack empathy for one another. If we start to see each other/our outer reality as ourselves then we would treat each other and our world much better. I see”us coming together” because another stage in our evolution. . Recognizing that we are truly all one. Like distinct parts of the identical body. Give this a thought.

This 's a link to the video I created. All feedback is good feedback. Thanks, dear.


When you have some questions about this subject, I'm happy to help/guide you to information or books speaking this very subject. When you have some examples or thoughts feel free to share.

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