Lime issues its second scooter recall in less than a month



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Lime has recalled scooters created by Okai after a rash of handlebars breaking out of the riding platform. 
The company did not say how many of its own scooters were in or affected which markets. 
It’s the recall of Lime scooters at less than a month, even after it recalled Segway-made models due to fire dangers. 

Scooter and bicycle startup Lime has issued its second remember in less than a month, the business supported to Business Insider on Monday, after reports that a number of its models from Chinese maker Okai were breaking in half”when subjected to repeated abuse.”

The Washington Post first asked Lime about the problems on Friday, causing the company to issue a recall. It declined to reveal the amount of Okai-made scooters have been in its fleet, or where cities they functioned. Still, users on websites in Portland, Denver, Baltimore, Paris, France and much more reported experiences with busted Lime scooters lately. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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