Listen To The Annoying Sound Of Amazon’s Electric Rivian Delivery Vans



Since regulations started to require electric vehicles to create noise at low rate to alert pedestrians of their existence, producers have had to come up with a remedy to this.

Amazon’s new Rivian electric delivery vans are finally out testing on public streets , however they honor with that rule in a somewhat annoying way.

Rather than the usual minimal whir, or even a simulation of a gasoline engine, the van emits a loud sci-fi hum not too dissimilar to some particular THX intro sound.

Additionally, it doesn’t exude that noise just while driving, however when stopped as well, very similar to a conventional engine’so idle. And while it does give us a feeling of familiarity, it appears unlikely that folks will have to get alerted of a static van.

The van was spotted driving with a Rivian engineer in the wheel along with an Amazon manager alongside him to check out it about Los Angeles, as mentioned by Jeffrey Chen into Drive Tesla Canada.  Chen explained that the sound was similar in volume to some loud V6, and he managed to hear it from within his house.

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On the bright side, the motorist had some nice things to say concerning it, namely that it was easier to get in and out of than the Mercedes-Benz Sprinters that Amazon now utilizes. Chen wasn’t able to work out many more details, however according to Drive Tesla Canada, the Amazon manager revealed that the van would be front-wheel drive and just intends to have enough range to complete the usual delivery path.

All in all, we could ’t really complain, as it does do its task of earning pedestrians conscious of its existence, but just not quite pleasantly. Hopefully they can come up with a better solution in the future.

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