Lucid hits major factory milestone, production begins Spring 2021



Lucid Motors has officially announced the completion of its first phase of construction at its Advanced Manufacturing Plant (AMP-1) facility in Casa Grande, Arizona, and plans to begin the first production phase in Spring 2021. As the commissioning of production equipment and processes underway, Lucid looks to begin manufacturing its Dream Edition of the Air within the coming months, bringing another all-electric automaker to the highly competitive American car market.

The AMP-1 facility was designed with a future-ready focus that allows for additional phases of expansion at the site, which could come in handy if Lucid manages to sell a lot of vehicles. Lucid also stated that this is not the only phase of construction, and this marks the completion of the first phase only. The next phase is set to begin in early 2021 and will make way for the production of Lucid’s introductory SUV in 2023, which has been given the name Project Gravity.

Credit: Lucid Motors

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Lucid CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson detailed his company’s development of the massive land slot in Arizona in a press release from the automaker.

“We broke ground on the 590-acre Lucid AMP-1 site in Casa Grande, Arizona, on December 2, 2019, and slightly less than a year later we have completed the first purpose-built EV factory in North America. The effort and agility demonstrated by this team is truly astounding, as we’re already commissioning equipment compatible with the Lucid manufacturing system to start production of the next-generation EV, Lucid Air, in just a few months,” Rawlinson stated.

First Look at Lucid Air’s design studio

To ensure the production is accurate and effective and officially bring the plant into commission, Lucid has already built a full beta prototype test fleet, which comprises several Air models. Lucid’s manufacturing system utilizes advanced processes, including an aircraft-inspired riveted and bonded monocoque body structure, which replaces spot welds, a commonly used tactic in automotive manufacturing. The strategy behind using rivets and monocoque body structures was to increase the Air’s structural efficiency, a main focus of its introductory sedan.

When the production lines begin operation next Spring, Lucid says it will be capable of building 30,000 units annually, which will supply global markets beginning in North America. The Dream Edition will be first, with the Grand Touring and Touring models following shortly thereafter. The company’s base model, which was recently labeled the Lucid Air Pure, will begin production in early 2022.

Lucid chose Arizona for its first production plant for several reasons. Not only were infrastructure, talent, location, and pre-existing automotive supply chain significant advantages, but the land was suitable for a large facility that would invite expansions as the company intends to grow over the coming years. The company purposely chose this site, intending to build onto the plant within the next few years, and it’s state-of-the-art, water-based paint shop can be included as it meets the needs of all future phases of the factory, Lucid said. Four phases of construction are planned through 2029, taking the current square footage of 999,000 to 5.1 million by when it is completed.

In 2028, Lucid will be able to build 400,000 vehicles per year at the facility.

“In building this factory, we adhered to several important manufacturing philosophies, including the tenets of ‘Future Ready’ and ‘On Time,’ together which have allowed us to effectively manage our investment and build a brand new factory from the ground up,” Vice President of Manufacturing Peter Hochholding said. “As we add new platforms and vehicles to our lineup, the planning that went into this facility ensures that we will always be able to keep up with growing customer demand for advanced electric vehicles.”

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