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Lucid Motors adds former Waymo Treasurer as CFO as company prepares to go public


Lucid Motors has announced it has appointed former Waymo Treasurer and Head of Investor Relations Sherry House because its Chief Financial Officer before the automaker’s choice to turn into a publicly-traded business. Along with the addition of House into the Lucid executive group, the business has added several other new executives who will contribute crucial insights into the automaker’s fiscal, technological, and strategic strategies as it prepares for the initial deliveries of the Lucid Air Condo .

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Sherry House: Lucid Motors’ brand new Chief Executive Officer

Sherry House has formally joined the firm on May 5th, leaving her place Waymo’s Treasurer and Head of Investor Relations after almost four years. During House’s moment in Waymo, the University of Michigan graduate built and directed a team that tackled the firm ’s fiscal health and investment strategies. Her LinkedIn page says she led all financing and funding endeavors and controlled investor communications to encourage growth. House’s expertise with both big Fortune 500 firms and small, emerging startups makes her an ideal candidate for the position of Lucid’s CFO. Lucid CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson is enthusiastic about his firm ’s brand new addition.

Sherry House renders her place as Waymo’s Treasurer and Head of Investor Relations to join Lucid Motors as the firm ’s Chief Financial Officer.

&ldquoWe are delighted to have Sherry unite us. Her rare blend of technical and financial expertise bolsters our core leadership group in a critical year for Lucid because we prepare to transition into a publicly traded firm and launch the Lucid Air,” Rawlinson explained. “We stand on the cusp of bringing the world’s most advanced electrical vehicles, and now with the arrival of Sherry, augmented by the ongoing, invaluable contribution of our Vice President of Finance, Mike Smuts, we continue to determine what I think are the EV industry’s strongest leadership group. ”

Additional New Additions: Margaret Burgraff, Sanjay Chandra, and Jeff Curry

Lucid is making other additions to the executive team in preparation for the Air’s launch in a few months. Along with House, the Business added Margaret Burgraff as the Vice President of Software Validation, Sanjay Chandra as Vice President of Information Technology, along with Jeff Curry as Vice President of Marketing and Communications. The additions are critical in Lucid’s ultimate debut as a public firm where investors can openly buy and sell stocks. In an emerging economy of competitive electric car companies, Lucid is preparing to appeal to investors in almost any way possible. It starts with surrounding an already impressive group of executives with more experienced veterans who come from the automotive and tech businesses.

Margaret Burgraff is linking Lucid using the name of VP of Software Validation. After 25 years in the business with companies like Apple and Intel, in which she most recently served as VP of Global Developer Relations, Burgraff was responsible for co-engineering and enabling worldwide independent software vendors to operate best using Intel’s product portfolio. Additionally, she has presented to big, global audiences that include topics like Artificial Intelligence, information, and feminine empowerment.

Sanjay Chara is now Lucid’s first-ever VP of Information Technology. His profession has culminated with over 20 years of experience with big firms like Workday, PayPal, and Virgin Mobile. His most recent role was CIO and Head of Cloud Operations in TiVo/Xperi, a position he held for over eight years. He was responsible for cloud surgeries, infrastructure, and eCommerce, leading to “volatile business growth and client expansion.

Finally, Lucid attracts Jeff Curry to take the role of VP of Marketing and Communications. After functioning as a successful member of numerous iconic brands and high-tech startups, including SiriusXM, Saab, Audi of America, Ferrari North America, and Jaguar, Curry’s most prominent work has been in big, famous events like the Super Bowl. Curry combined Lucid after departing Jaguar but directed the e-mobility effort plan for Audi. He combined Lucid’s group as a consultant in December 2019 but now has gained a permanent position as the automaker’s VP of Marketing and Communications.

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